Selected Publications for Charles Irish

ocx icon Trump Ascendant, the US in Decline: But May Be Not

Author: Charles R Irish

Donald Trump is likely to have a disruptive effect on international trade relations, but there are good reasons to expect the effects will not be as dire as many predict.

ocx icon New Directions in International Trade: Implications for Taiwan

Author: Charles R. Irish

This paper is the text of a keynote address delivered in Taipei at the Symposium on Improving the Competitiveness of Taiwan's Financial Sector. The symposium was hosted by the Taiwan Stock Exchange, the Taiwan Financial Services Roundtable, and Taiwan's Financial Services Commission. The paper describes the critical role that China now plays in Taiwan's international economic relations, why China's dominant role is unlikely to change, and what Taiwan can do to avoid economic isolation and maintain a globally integrated and competitive economy.

ocx icon New Directions in International Trade

Author: Charles Irish

This paper looks at the competing trade blocs emerging in the Asia Pacific Region, describes the consequences of the blocs for Taiwan's economy, and suggests how Taiwan could better position itself to take advantage of the changes.

doc icon Making More of Russia's Tilt Towards Asia

Author: Charles Irish

This paper identifies the significant complementarities between the Russian Far East and the Asia Pacific Region and suggests how Russia's laws and policies could be adjusted to make better use of the complementarities.

ocx icon Tax Reform for a Sustainable Economy

Author: Charles Irish

This paper explains how non-profit organizations and sovereign wealth funds are taxed in the US and recommend that the federal income tax be imposed on the passive income of such organizations.

doc icon International Tax Arbitration

Author: Charles Irish

This paper describes public and private dispute resolution techniques and makes suggestions for improving the arbitration rules in many bilateral tax treaties.


Author: Charles R. Irish and Robert W. Irish

An explanation of the close connections between the US and Chinese economies and why so much of the US political attention directed at China is incorrect or exaggerated.

doc icon Income Taxation of Sovereign Wealth Funds

Author: Charles R. Irish

A comparative examination of the income taxation of sovereign wealth funds.

doc icon Global Economic Chaos and America’s Shift to the Left: Implications for International Trade and Investment

Author: charles r. irish

A discussion of the effects of the economic turbulence and the November, 2008 US elections on global trade and investment.

doc icon The Economic Relationship between Korea and the US:

Author: Charles Irish

A paper that describes some of the effects of the maturing economic relationship between Korea and the US on Korean lawyers and Korean legal education. The paper was presented at several universities in Korea in 2006.

pdf icon Removing Impediments to the Mobilization of Local Resouces

Author: Charles R. Irish

A paper presented at the Symposium on the Role of Law in Development, Nagoya, Japan, October 2004

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