Selected Publications for Jenny Zook

URL iconResources for Reviewing Employment Policies on Harassment

InsideTrack, vol. 10:no. 17 (Oct. 2018)

URL iconSpotting Fake News: Best Practices for Authenticating Trustworthy Sources

AALL Spectrum, Vol 21: No. 6, July/August 2017

URL iconSummer in Wisconsin: Resources for Tourism and Hospitality Law

InsideTrack, Vol. 9, No. 13, July, 2017

URL iconLegal Research: Locating the Best Research Guides for Your Practice

InsideTrack, Vol. 9, No. 5, March, 2017

URL iconLegal Research: Tax Law Resources and Mobile Apps

Insidetrack, Vol. 8, No. 5, March, 2016

URL iconMobile Applications for the Intellectual Property Professional

Insidetrack, Vol. 7, no. 17, September, 2015

URL iconWater Law in Wisconsin: Are You Ready for the Global Demand and Economic Opportunities?

InsideTrack, Vol. 6, No. 21, Nov. 2014

URL iconMobile Device Gone Missing? Protect Your Information Before It’s too late

InsideTrack, Vol. 6, No. 17, September 3, 2014

URL iconMore Alike Than Different: Supporting Disabilities at the Reference Desk

AALL Spectrum, Vol. 18, No. 5, March, 2014

URL iconRetirements in the Age of Economic Uncertainty

AALL Spectrum, Vol. 16 No. 6, April, 2012

URL iconMadison in Protest: A Law Librarian's Perspective

AALL Spectrum Blog, February 26, 2011

URL iconBuddy, Can You Spare the Time?

AALL Spectrum, Volume 14 No. 1 September/October 2009

URL iconTechnology and the Generation Gap

"Technology and the Generation Gap,", August 27, 2007.

URL iconI am the Cheesehead: The Law Librarian Who Moved to Wisconsin

"I am the Cheesehead: The Law Librarian Who Moved to Wisconsin," Legal Reference Services Quarterly,(Nov. 2006).

URL iconPatent Research for the Occasional User

"Patent Research for the Occasional User," Wisconsin Lawyer, (Sept. 2005)

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