Rebecca Gennerman-Schroeder

CPP Advocacy Coordinator

Gennerman-Schroeder, Rebecca

Room 4313, Law School


B.S., University of Wisconsin School of Education, 1996
M.A., University of Colorado, 2001


Becky Gennerman-Schroeder serves as the Center’s Advocacy Coordinator, facilitating the service learning experience in our patient advocacy program.  She provides education, supervision and support to students as they work alongside clients on their journey through the healthcare system. 

Becky is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) and Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC).  Becky received her bachelor's degree in Rehabilitation Psychology from UW-Madison and her Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from The University of Colorado, Denver.  Becky began her career providing counseling and medical advocacy to those who had been impacted by sexual assault.  She went on to coordinate and instruct personal safety skills classes for women, children, and people with disabilities.  She is a strong advocate for keeping kids safe from abuse and has done numerous workshops and trainings (for children and adults) on the topic.  

Becky spent over fifteen years as a psychotherapist and clinical coordinator providing individual, family and group therapy to children impacted by abuse and neglect.  During this time, Becky played an integral part with the Fostering Healthy Futures program in Denver, CO.  She oversaw all aspects of the group therapy program; including clinical delivery of group therapy, ensuring fidelity in program implementation, involvement in the federally-funded research protocol, and advocacy for children within the child welfare system.  She also played an important role in training and supervising graduate students regarding implementation of the curriculum, clinical issues, advocacy and therapeutic skills. Additionally, Becky suggested and coordinated changes made to the manualized curriculum developed by the program.

Becky went on to become a clinical instructor at the University of Colorado in the graduate program of Counseling Psychology.  There she was housed in the University of Colorado Student and Community Counseling Center teaching seminars on various clinical issues and often was invited to be a guest lecturer to multiple counseling psychology graduate courses.  Becky strongly believes that the role of a psychotherapist includes working to empower clients as well as to advocate for clients within the communities they participate in.  Her primary role was to provide individual, group and live reflective supervision to graduate students during their practicum and internship semesters.  Becky also served as a psychotherapist at the Counseling Center; which included providing ongoing therapy, crisis intervention, and active involvement in building capacity and advocacy skills in clients. 

Becky was drawn to the mission of The Center for Patient Partnerships due to her commitment to both advocacy and on-going learning. She has been touched by the experiences of those close to her that have been impacted by significant health conditions and the challenges of advocating for oneself in the medical system.  

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