The Students Who Choose Wisconsin

Each year, an interesting, talented, and diverse group of students choose the University of Wisconsin Law School from among many other schools.

Students in class

Top students select Wisconsin for a variety of reasons, but prominent among them are the quality of education, the law-in-action philosophy, the excellent clinical opportunities, and the resources of a large world-class university in a beautiful city. In addition, the UW Law School is known for its relaxed, friendly atmosphere; its close-knit law school community; and its long-standing international reputation.

With its central location, Wisconsin draws students from both coasts. In addition to the Midwest states, California, New York, and Texas are well represented, and nearly 40% of our students are from outside of Wisconsin.

In addition to seeking geographic diversity, the UW Law School seeks students who bring a wide-range of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives to encourage a full and complete exploration of legal issues within the classroom.

Indeed, students of all backgrounds choose to come to the UW Law School because of our historical commitment to creating a highly diverse educational environment in which differing points of view are represented.

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