The Wisconsin Alcohol Policy Project has moved to the Comprehensive Injury Center at the Medical College of Wisconsin. As a courtesy, this website will be available until 12/31/2021.

Visuals that help explain Wisconsin's alcohol environment and its consequences

Images and PDFs may be viewed and downloaded by clicking on the title or the graphic. If you require an accessible version, email

APHA 13PoliciesRoadmap2020 – Addressing alcohol-related harms: a population level response (PDF)

This double-sided infographic lists the 13 evidence-based policies included in American Public Health Association Policy Statement 201912. The specific policies are listed on one side and Wisconsin specific details and information are on the reverse. Unlike other states, much of Wisconsin's alcohol policy is a municipal responsibility. This graphic provides a roadmap of effective policies for Wisconsin's public health professionals, local coalitions, law enforcement and community leaders.

WAPP Healthy Alcohol Roadmap2018 – Ten Ways Your Community Can Create a Positive Alcohol Environment (image)

This infographic suggest ten specific actions communities can take to improve the community alcohol environment. Suggestions range from operating regular alcohol age compliance checks, to requiring local festivals implement policies that prevent over-serving and underage drinking at these events. This graphic may be reproduced and used locally to support a community discussion on what your community will do about excessive alcohol use.

What constitutes a drink2016 - If You Drink, Do You Drink Moderately? (PDF)

Many, perhaps most people will tell you they are moderate drinkers. But few can quantify moderate drinking levels when asked. This image defines what constitutes a “drink,” moderate and excessive drinking using simple red and green color cues. It is important to note that consuming the highest number of drinks in moderate drinking level every single day – is not moderate drinking.

Annual alcohol-related deaths2015 – Alcohol-Related Injuries Kill More Wisconsin Residents than Alcohol-Related Disease Annually (image)

Acute incidents, alcohol-related injuries that result in death, kill more people in Wisconsin each year than alcohol-related disease. Alcohol-related falls account for over one-third of those deaths, more than double the rate of alcohol-related vehicular deaths. This image provides a fuller picture for those who underestimate the number of people who die as a result of alcohol-related poisoning, falls or self-harm. This image is drawn from the 2014 Wisconsin Epidemiological Profile on Alcohol and Other Drug Use.

Wisconsin's alcohol consumption 2014 – Wisconsin’s Alcohol Consumption by the Numbers (PDF)

This graphic answers two basic questions: 1) Why Wisconsin often tops the list of heavy drinking states or communities and 2) How can excessive alcohol use cost Wisconsin $6.8 Billion annually? It breaks the cost down into four simple categories.

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