Wisconsin International Law Review Symposium: April 12, 2013

A Comparative Perspective on Social Justice Lawyering in Asia:
Conditions, Practices, and Possibilities

Room 2260, UW Law School


8:30-9:00                  Registration and Breakfast

9:00-9:05                  Introductory Remarks
                                Kyle Engelke and David Groose
                                WILJ Symposium Editors

9:05-9:10                  Remarks by Associate Dean Heinz Klug
                               WILJ faculty adviser & Director, Global Legal Studies Center

9:10-9:15                 Welcome by Dean Margaret Raymond
                               UW Law School

9:15-10:00                Keynote Address (keynote speaker introduced by Professor John Ohnsegorge,
                               UW Law School)
                               “Law and Society in South East Asia: New Issues and Directions”
                               Professor Andrew Harding (National University of Singapore)

10:00-12:00              Panel 1: Politics, Law and Social Justice Lawyering in Asia
                              Chair/commentator: Alexandra Huneeus, UW Law School

                              “Of Masks, Absences and Exceptions: Cause Lawyering in Singapore”
                              Jothie Rajah (American Bar Foundation) &
                              Arun Thiruvengadam (National University of Singapore)

                              “Protecting Community Rights: Prospects for Public Interest Lawyering in Mongolia”
                              Jennifer Rasmussen (American Bar Association)
                              (co-authored with Bayartsetseg Jigmiddash, Private Practitioner, Mongolia)

                              “Transformation of Public Interest Lawyering through Development:
                              Insights from Bangladesh”
                              Cynthia Farid (NGO Lawyer, Bangladesh) 

                             “A Short History of the American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative’s Technical    
                             Assistance Approach”
                             Jennifer Rasmussen (American Bar Association)

12:00-1:15              Lunch for speakers, invited guests and WILJ members (others on their own)
                             Served in Room 5223

1:15-3:15                Panel 2: Sites for Practice
                             Chair/commentator: Lynette Chua, National University of Singapore

                             “Social Justice Lawyering and the Meaning of Indian Constitutionalism: A Case Study
                             of the Alternative Law Forum”
                             Arun Thiruvengadam (National University of Singapore)
                             (co-authored with Arvind Narrain, Private Practitioner, Bangalore, India)

                             “The Call of the Times: Strategic Public Interest Lawyering During the Arroyo Regime
                              in the Philippines (2001-2010)”
                              Harry L. Roque Jr. (University of the Philippines College of Law)

                              “Monkey in a Wig: LoyarBurok, UndiMsia!, Public Interest Litigation and Beyond”
                              Shanmuga Kanesalingam (Private Practitioner, Malaysia)

3:15-3:30                Break

3:30-5:00                 Panel 3: Social Justice Lawyering in Socialist Countries
                             Chair /Commentator: Mark Sidel, UW Law School

                             “Sleeping with Dragons? Politically Embedded Lawyers Suing the Chinese State”
                             John Givens (University of Louisville, USA)

                             “The Juridification of Cause Advocacy in Socialist Asia: Vietnam as a Case Study”
                             John Gillespie (Monash University, Australia)

                             “Not just Defending: Advocating for Law in Myanmar”
                             Nicholas Cheesman (Australian National University) &
                             Kyaw Min San (Burma)

5:00-5:30                Concluding Session

                             “Mobilizing Law for Justice in Asia"
                             Frank Munger (New York University Law School), Scott Cummings (UCLA Law School)
                             & Louise Trubek (UW Law School)

7:00                       Dinner for speakers and invited guests

Agenda with Bios

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