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Jacqueline Macaulay

Born: Aug. 2, 1932, Racine, Wisconsin.

Married: March 20, 1954. (To Stewart Macaulay).

Died: January 2, 2000, Madison, Wisconsin.

Children: Monica; John; Philip; Laura.


Pre-college education: public schools, Racine, Wisconsin; private girls' school, Bartrum Gables, Broadstairs, England; private girls' school, La Châtelainie, Neuchatel, Switzerland; Milwaukee Downer Seminary, Milwaukee, WI.

AB, Stanford University 1955 (freshman year: University of Arizona, 1950-51)

MS (Psychology) University of Wisconsin-Madison June 1960

Ph.D. (Social Psychology) University of Wisconsin-Madison, June 7, 1965.

JD University of Wisconsin-Madison, June 1983. (Member State Bar of Wisconsin, June 1983 - January 2000).

Geographical history:

  • 1950-51 University of Arizona
  • 1951-53 Stanford
  • 1953-54 France and Italy (Florence)
  • 1954-55 Stanford
  • 1955-56 San Francisco
  • 1956-57 Chicago
  • 1957-2000 Madison, with absences of:
    • A year in Palo Alto (1967-68)
    • A year and a half in Santiago, Chile (1970-71)
    • A year in Buffalo, New York (1971-72)


Some of her published and unpublished writings before she became a lawyer:

  • Leonard Berkowitz, James A. Green and Jacqueline R. Macaulay, Hostility Catharsis as the Reduction of Emotional Tension, 25 Psychiatry: Journal for the Study of Interpersonal Processes 23 (1962).
  • Peter Weiss, Jacqueline Macaulay & Allen Pincus, Geographic Factors and the Release of Patients from State Mental Hospitals, 123 American J. of Psychiatry 408 (1966).
  • Peter Weiss, Jacqueline Macaulay & Allen Pincus, Geographic Location and State Hospital Utilization 124 American J. of Psychiatry 91 (1967).
  • A Shill for Charity, in J. Macaulay and L. Berkowitz, Altruism and Helping Behavior (Academic Press 1970) at 43-59. [Note: she also edited this book and wrote the overview introduction]
  • Adam Fraczek & Jacqueline Macaulay, Some Personality Factors in Reaction to Aggressive Stimuli, 39 Journal of Personality 163 (1971).
  • A Statement Concerning the Failure of Affirmative Action for Women at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, April 1974.
  • A Skeptic's Guide to the Literature on Poverty (Institute for Research on Poverty, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison, Notes and Comments), December 1974.
  • Is Welfare Bad for Children? Institute for Research on Poverty, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison, Discussion Paper 302-1975.
  • Review of Roby, The Poverty Establishment, Contemporary Sociology 303 (May 1975).
  • Familiarity, Attraction, and Charity, 95 Journal of Social Psychology 27 (1975).
  • Stereotyping Child Welfare, 14 Transaction: Social Science and Modern Society 47 (Jan/Feb 1977). [In this one, the journal asked for a picture of a welfare mother. Jackie sent in a picture taken on the lawn of our house in Santiago, Chile. It shows Monica with John, Phil and Laura as her "children." Monica is in her best hippie dress of 1970. One more Jackie inside joke].
  • Ann Frodi, Jacqueline Macaulay & Pauline Ropert Thome, Are Women Always Less Aggressive Than Men? A Review of the Experimental Literature, 84 Psych. Bulletin 634 (1977). (This won the Association for Women in Psychology award.)
  • Internal Problems at the New York Times Endanger Editorial Balance, Newsletter of the Association for the Advancement of the New York Times (Jan. 1978).
  • On Women, Anger and Aggression, APA conference paper, Oct. 1977. ERIC/CAPS Clearinghouse: Research in Education, 1978. ED 150491.
  • The Value of Troublemakers, unpublished paper, March 1978.
  • Feminism in Academia, unpublished conference paper, April 1978.
  • Cultural Limits on Understanding Aggression, SASP Newsletter (Society for the Advancement of Social Psychology), May 1978.
  • Jacqueline Macaulay and Stewart Macaulay, "Adoption for Black Children: A Case Study of Expert Discretion," in Rita James Simon (ed.) Research in Law and Sociology: An Annual Compilation of Research at 265-318 (JAI Press 1978). [Part 1 pdf] [Part 2 pdf]
  • Some Barriers to Drawing Conclusions from Social Science Research, unpublished paper, 1979. [Part 1 pdf] [Part 2 pdf]
  • The Revolving Door for Faculty Women in Higher Education, unpublished ms., 1979.
  • David Horton Smith, Jacqueline Macaulay and Associates, Participation in Social and Political Activities (Jossey-Bass 1980).
  • The Failure of Affirmative Action for Women: One University's Experience, in G. DeSole & L. Hoffman (eds), Rocking the Boat: Academic Women and the Academic Process (MLA 1981).
  • Adding Gender to Aggression Research: Incremental or Revolutionary Change?, in Virginia O'Leary, Rhoda Unger & Barbara Wallston, Women, Gender, and Social Psychology (Lawrence Erlbaum Associates 1985), at 191-224.
  • Leonard Berkowitz and Jacqueline Macaulay, The Contagion of Criminal Violence. pp. 238-261. [pdf]

Professional Experience:

  • Project Associate positions in the Institute for Research on Poverty, Department of Psychology, and other departments at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Original research and syntheses of existing research in various areas of sociology and social psychology.
  • Teaching: Law and Psychology, Spring Semesters, 1978, 1979 and 1980; other psychology courses.
  • Other Employment: Project Coordinator, Institute for Environmental Studies, Spring 1972. (Worked on establishing communication between medical and sociological scientists in reproduction area)
  • Program Coordinator, Law and Behavioral Sciences Workshops, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1974-75. (Coordinated faculty seminars and, at the end, prepared a report to the National Science Foundation on Understanding the Potential and Limits of Effective Legal Action)
  • Self-employed as consultant, editor, writer, 1975-1980.


  • Member, Committee on Academic Freedom and Conditions of Employment, American Psychological Association (letter dated 1985) and contributor to "Guidelines for Conditions of Employment of Psychologists (42 American Psychology 724 (July 1987).
  • From 1983 to 1985, Jackie (with Dr. Eleanor R. Hall, UW-Milwaukee Center for the Study of Minorities and the Disadvantaged) ran seminars with titles such as: "How to Get Tenure Even If You're a Woman, Minority or Both." They drew on her academic experience as well as legal battles for women who had been denied a contract renewal or tenure. They had many very satisfied customers.

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