Spotlight: Alisha Esselstein

We caught up with this remarkable third-year law student during her Study Abroad in London.

Activities and Scholarship

Steph Tai presented "Science on Trial: Is It Legally Honest?" at the American Bar Association's Section of Environment, Energy, and Resources Spring Conference in April.

Mitra Sharafi presented "Forensic Experts in Colonial India: Handwriting Analysis as a Suspect Science" at a one-day workshop on Legal Histories of Policing and Surveillance, sponsored by the new Stanford Center for Law and History in April.

In April, Keith Findley presented "What Are Your Rights, and Where Do They Come From?" for the Soundwaves public lecture series, held at UW-Madison's Discovery Building. The series combines scientific lectures about the world with live classical music performances.

Mary Prosser and second-year law student Shannon Toole outline the history of mass incarceration in Wisconsin and discuss how the state's justice system became the most racially disparate in the nation in their article, "Wisconsin's Mass and Disparate Incarceration." The article appears in the April issue of Wisconsin Lawyer.