Spotlight: A Sweet Surprise

ice creamComing this fall! More than 400 ice cream lovers voted on our signature 150th anniversary treat.

Activities and Scholarship

Yaron Nili was an invited presenter at the Second Annual Symposium on Corporate Law and Financial Regulations, held in London in September. He spoke on the role of external directors in a changing environment in the United States.

Sumudu Atapattu's article, "'Climate Refugees' and the Role of International Law," was posted on the Oxford Research Group's blog in September.

Keith Findley's article, "Reducing Error in the Criminal Justice System," appears in the the most recent edition of the Seton Hall Law Review. Also in this issue is Findley's "The Science and Law Underlying Post-Conviction Challenges to Shaken Baby Syndrome Convictions: A Response to Professor Imwinkelried."

Alta Charo gave the talk "Biological Truths and Legal Fictions" at Kent Presents in August. Kent Presents, held in Kent, Conn., is an annual discussion of global affairs, law and politics, health and food, science and tech, and humanities and the performing arts.