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Wisconsin Alcohol Policy Project

The Wisconsin Alcohol Policy Project provides training, tools and technical assistance to municipalities, law enforcement, public health and community groups working to improve the alcohol environment.

Research indicates that specific policies or practices can prevent and reduce alcohol misuse without inconveniencing moderate adult drinkers.

Per Capita Alcohol Consumption

In Wisconsin, alcohol control is a municipal issue. Wisconsin’s municipalities have the authority to improve the community alcohol environment.

Local policies such as making it illegal to provide a location for underage drinking and requiring bartenders to be sober reduce the likelihood that alcohol will be consumed in illegal or excessive manner.

What is policy?

“…[W]e define standards for behavior or practices that are formalized to some degree (i.e. written), and embodied in rules, regulation, or operating procedures.”

Toomey, T., Wagenaar, A. Policy Options for Prevention: The Case for Alcohol Journal of Public Health Policy vol. 20, no. 2 (1999), pp. 192-213.

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