University of Wisconsin–Madison

Wisconsin's Alcohol Environment

Public policies and community practices will improve the alcohol environment when it;

  • makes alcohol less available66% of Wisconsin population over 18 and over are regular drinkers

  • makes alcohol less attractive.

  • makes alcohol less affordable.

  • makes alcohol misuse, including underage drinking, less acceptable.

Research proves family, community and public policies and practices can improve the alcohol environment over time.

The Wisconsin State Council on Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse has endorsed 49 recommendations individual, community and state action to improve the alcohol environment in the 2010 ACE Report: Changing the Wisconsin’s Alcohol Environment to Promote Safe and Healthy Lives(PDF).  The ACE Report includes suggestions your community and community groups can implement easily and inexpensively.

Alcohol Policy in Wisconsin History provides a timeline showing significant moments in Wisconsin's alcohol history.

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