The three PowerPoint presentations listed were prepared for use by community groups, civic organizations or others looking to improve their community alcohol environment.  The presentations are for general audiences, each has a script visible in the “notes” view of the presentation. The reference materials referred to are available online,  providing them during or after the presentation is sometimes useful.

Municipal Government & Alcohol Control in Wisconsin

Download "Municipal Government & Alcohol Control in Wisconsin" Presentation (PowerPoint)

Wisconsin regulates alcohol at the municipal level although community leaders and residents may be unaware the full range of authority local communities can exercise over the alcohol environment. This presentation reviews the four areas of municipal alcohol authority: licensing, enforcement, budgets and, enforcement. It also provides information and where to find tools to map and influence alcohol policy with your community. Every group hoping to improve the community alcohol environment will find useful information and ideas in this presentation.

Alcohol Control at Festivals, Picnics & Summer Events

Download "Alcohol Control at Festivals, Picnis, & Summer Events" Presentation (PowerPoint)

Wisconsin community festivals are often the highlight of the summer, raising money for good causes, showcasing local history and products. But these events can also allow excessive alcohol use, especially underage drinking and over-serving resulting in drunk driving. This presentation provides information on how a community can adopt specific polices that significantly reduce the chance of underage drinking or over-serving at their community events. The tools referenced in the report are all available online through the Wisconsin Alcohol Policy Project.

The A.C.E. Report: Wisconsin Guide to a Healthier Alcohol Environment

Download "The A.C.E. Report: Wisconsin Guide to a Healthier Alcohol Environment" Presentation (PowerPoint)

This presentation outlines Wisconsin’s alcohol-related problems and their cost, then reviews the recommendations of Wisconsin State Council on Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse (SCAODA) 2010 Alcohol, Culture and Environment Workgroup Report – often called the ACE Report. There are a total of 49 recommendations in the A.C.E. Report.

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