In Spring 2023, LAIP: Second Look Advocacy will offer an intensive one-semester clinic experience, taught by Professors Kate Finley and Renagh O’Leary. The spring-only clinic will enroll 12 students total. Students will enroll for six credits and will fulfill their experiential learning requirement through the one-semester clinic.

Clinic students will represent incarcerated clients who are serving excessive sentences. Students will work closely with their incarcerated clients to develop persuasive arguments about why clients should be released from prison. Students may seek clients' release from prison through a variety of procedural mechanisms, including parole advocacy, compassionate release (early release based on a serious or terminal medical condition), sentence adjustment (early release based on progress toward rehabilitation or “in the interests of justice”), or sentence modification (early release based on new information not known at the time of sentencing).  Students will develop their skills in interviewing, client counseling, fact investigation, legal research, and oral and written advocacy. 

Students in the spring-only section of LAIP will meet twice a week for clinic seminar. The clinic seminar will explore the causes and consequences of mass incarceration and consider alternative approaches to punishment.   

Questions regarding LAIP for the Spring 2023 semester can be directed to Professor Kate Finley ( or Professor Renagh O'Leary (

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