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The University of Wisconsin Law School boasts a tradition of excellence that dates back 150 years.

Throughout its history, the University of Wisconsin Law School has occupied a special and important place in U.S. legal education. Like the world-class university of which it is a part, the UW Law School has historically been ranked among the nation's preeminent schools.

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Established in 1868, the UW Law School pioneered the belief that law must be studied in action as it relates to society and not in isolation. The Law School focuses on helping its students understand how law both affects and is affected by every other institutional force in society. It does this in its classrooms, in its many clinical programs, and in its numerous collaborations among departments and colleges at one of the world's leading research universities. This law-in-action approach coupled with outstanding clinical programs and a commitment to interdisciplinary research and teaching make the UW Law School one of the most intellectually exciting legal programs in the country.

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It is our hope that through this online tour, we can highlight a few of the reasons that Wisconsin is a special place to study law, including our beautiful building, lovely campus, and award-winning city. However, the University of Wisconsin Law School is more than just a top law school in a beautiful location. It is a special place because of our outstanding alumni and faculty who have made, and continue to make, significant, often landmark, contributions to legal education, the practice of law, and society.

We welcome you to our law school community -- enjoy the tour.

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