Initial Assignments

Spring 2018

First Year Courses:

Torts, Section 001, Prof. Alta Charo:  Casebook:  Cases and Materials on Torts, 5th ed., by Robertson, Powers Jr., Anderson and Wellborn III.  For first class, read Introduction pp. 1-7, and Intentional Torts:  Battery and Assault, pp. 9-21, 23 (Vetter) - 25.

Torts, Section 002, Prof. Leachman:  For first class, read Franklin, et al, pp. 1-16.

Property, Section 002, Prof. Miriam Seifter: Casebook ("CB"): Property Law, 6th ed., by Singer et al. For first class read and be prepared to discuss: CB 3-16, 17-18 (n.7 only), 21-29.


2L and 3L Courses and 1L Electives:

Civil Procedure II, Prof. Linda Greene:  Information and initial assignment

Bioethics and the Law, Prof. Alta Charo:

Introduction:  What is Health?  What is Disability?  Read:

1)  Hearing the Deaf:

2)  Disability:  A Welfarist Account:

3)  Refusing Cochlear Implants:

International Law, Prof. Alexandra Huneeus: 

First, look at your Dunoff, Ratner, Wippman textbook and go over the table of contents.  Then, read pp. 1-10; 14-16 (top); and 22-31.  For this assignment, you do not need to take notes.  This reading is meant to give you a broad overview -- a sense of the field.  So read thoughtfully, but not as you would, for example, to prepare for an exam. 

Second, see if you can find examples of international law in current events, or even in recreational events you undertake between now and our first class.  Does international law ever appear in the front page of your newsfeed?  Come prepared to share.

Professional Responsibilities, Prof. Tim Pierce:  Initial Assignment

Secured Transactions, Prof. Adrian Cohen:  Initial Assignment

Trusts and Estates I, Prof. Howard Erlanger:  Initial Information

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