Initial Assignments

Fall 2016

First Year Courses:

Civil Procedure I, Section 1, Prof. Megan McDermott:   First Assignment

Civil Procedure I, Section 2, Prof. Ion Meyn: First Assignment

Civil Procedure I, Section 5, Prof. Robert Yablon:  First Assignment

Contracts, Section 2 and Section 3, Prof. Mark Sidel:  We will use Steven Burton, Principles of Contract Law (4th ed., 2012)[Casebook] and Burton and Eisenberg, Contract Law:  Selected Source Materials Annotated (2016)[Supplement].  For the first week, please carefully read pp. 1-32 in the Casebook.

Contracts, Section 4, Prof. Kathie Hendley:  Be prepared to discuss the problems on pp. 42-45 of Contracts:  Law in Action (4th ed.).  Note that working through these problems will require you to consult the Uniform Commercial Code, which is available in the statutory supplement.  Please read pp. 1-42 of the casebook as background.

Contracts, Section 5, Prof. Mitra Sharafi:  For Tuesday, September 6 - Contracts for the sale of goods (UCC Article 2 applicability) Macaulay, Whitford, Hendley and Lipson, Contracts: Law in Action (2016, 4th ed.), pp. 42-5 (plus, as background, pp. 1-42).  To complete the questions at pp. 42-5, you'll need to read the relevant provisions of the Uniform Commercial Code, which are in a separate book:  Scott and Kraus, Contract Law and Theory: Restatement of Contracts and Uniform Commercial Code (LexisNexis, 2013), 5th ed.

Intro to Substantive Criminal Law, Section 3, Prof. Mary Prosser:  First Assignment

Intro to Substantive Criminal Law, Section 4, Prof. Steven Wright:  First Assignment and Overview of Criminal Penalties.

Legal Research and Writing I, Section 1 and Section 7, Prof. Andrew Turner:  Please read Edwards chapters 1 and 2.  Prepare to discuss Edwards problem 2-1. 

2L and 3L Courses:

Business Organizations I, Prof. Kenneth Davis:  Syllabus and Supplementary Materials

Civil Procedure II, Section 1, Prof. Linda Greene:  First Assignment

Environmental Law and Practice, Profs. Dawson and Kent:  One of the required texts for this course, Wisconsin Water Law in the 21st Century, is available online from, or can be purchased in class. 

Evidence, Prof. Stephen Hurley:  Syllabus Part One, Syllabus Part Two

Labor Relations (Labor and Employment Law), Prof. Danielle Carne:  For the first class, please read pages 3-41 of the casebook.

Professional Responsibilities, Section 2, Prof. Tim Pierce:  For the first class on Wednesday, Sept. 7, please do the following three things:  1) Sign up for the class on TWEN.  This is where all information about the class will be found and it is how I will communicate with the class.  2)  Read the course syllabus.  This contains important information about the class as well as the required books.  3)  Read Chapter One (pp. 1-26) of the textbook and ABA Model Rules (MR):  Preamble and Scope, MR 1.0 and Comment. 

Public Law and Private Power, Prof. Joel Rogers:  First Assignment; Syllabus; First Reading

Real Estate Transactions I, Prof. Gretchen Viney:  First Assignment

Secured Transactions, Prof. Adrian Cohen:  First Assignment

Securities Regulation, Prof. Kenneth Davis:  Syllabus and Assignments

Trusts and Estates, Prof. Howard Erlanger:  First Assignment

LLM-LI Courses:

Legal Sources, Sections 1 and 2, Prof. Margaret Baumgartner:  For the first class, read Edwards, Legal Writing and Analysis, pp. 3-9, and prepare exercise 1-1 for class.  For the second class, read Edwards, Legal Writing and Analysis, pp. 17-23, and prepare exercises 2-1, 2-3.  Read Sloan, Researching the Law, pp. 9-11.  Please note:  Because of the Labor Day holiday, Legal Sources Section 1 will meet with Section 2 on Tuesday, Sept. 6, at 2:15 p.m. in Room 2225.






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