Initial Assignments

Fall 2018

First Year Courses:

Civil Procedure I, Section 2, Prof. Ion Meyn:  Welcome Message and First Assignment

Civil Procedure I, Sections 3 and 5, Prof. Megan McDermott:  Initial Assignment 

Contracts I, Sections 1 and 2, Prof. Mark Sidel:  Required Course Materials:  We will use Steven Burton, Principles of Contract Law (5th ed., 2018)["Casebook"] and Burton and Eisenberg, Contract Law:  Selected Source Materials Annotated (2018 or 2017)["Supplement"](note that the 2017 Supplement is also fine).

First Assignments (for the week of September 5):  Casebook Chapter 1: Promises, Agreements and the Requirement of a Writing
Promises:  Casebook 1-8 (Hawkins)
Promissory Agreements - The Intention of the Parties: Casebook 9 - 22 (Lucy, Embry, Oswald)
Promissory Agreements - Offers:  Casebook 23 - 33 (Mesaros, Cheever)

Contracts I, Sections 3 and 4, Prof. Kathryn Hendley:  Initial Assignment

Intro to Criminal Law, Section 1, Prof. Cecelia Klingele:  Introductory Assignment

Legal Research and Writing I, Sections 1 and 5, Prof. Trina Tinglum:  For the first class, read chapters 1 and 3 of "A Lawyer Writes."  Prof. Tinglum has also posted two optional articles about reading/briefing cases to the course webpage at Learn@UW.

2L and 3L Courses:

Labor Relations I, Prof. Gwendolyln Leachman:  Read pp. 3-32 of the textbook (Marion Crain, Pauline Kim, Michael Selmi, Work Law: Cases and Materials - 3d ed. 2015)

Secured Transactions, Prof. Adrian Cohen:  Initial Assignment






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