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Law School Administration: Who Does What?

From time to time you will find that you need help navigating your way through your law school career. Here are a few basic facts about the people who help administer the Law School. These are the people on the front line of student services. If they can’t help you, they will direct you to someone who can.

The Dean, the Associate Deans, Assistant Deans, Directors, and other Really Important People to Know:

Amy Arntsen, Registrar (room 5107; The Registrar maintains records relevant to your legal education and certifies you for graduation and diploma privilege. If you wish to confirm how many credits you have accumulated, which requirements you have satisfied, your current grade point average, or need help planning to study abroad, become a visitor at another law school, or apply for transfer, the Registrar can help you. After you graduate, Ms. Arntsen will certify your degree if you apply for bar admission in other states.

Steven M. Barkan, Professor and Director of the Law Library (room 6358; Professor Barkan heads the administration of the Law Library. He also teaches law courses such as Torts I and Torts II.  For Law Library services, check the website at:

Justin Boehm, Human Resources Assistant (room 5106;  Mr. Boehm is responsible for administering Law School staff hiring, employee benefits, and similar matters.  He is also a backup to Josh Cutler, the Law School's Payroll Specialist, and can answer questions related to student payroll, criminal background checks, I-9 documentation, time sheets, benefits, etc.

Tonya Brito, Professor and Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development (room 5211B In this position, Associate Dean Brito assists the Dean with administration, with a focus on fostering the research mission of the law school.  She works primarily with faculty by providing support to their research goals and projects and by aiding them in seeking and administering research funds.  She also serves as the Director of the Institute for Legal Studies and teaches law school courses in the areas of family law and complex litigation. 

Josh Cutler,  Payroll Specialist and Building Manager (room 5109; Mr. Cutler is responsible for all employee and student payroll. He can answer questions related to payroll disbursement, pay dates, timesheets, etc. He also handles facility problems and/or requests and building renovations.

Theresa Evans, Executive Assistant to the Dean (room 5211; Ms. Evans works closely with the Dean and the Associate Deans. If you need to make an appointment to see the Dean, or one of the Associate Deans, she is the person to contact. 

Jane Ford Bennett, Senior Grade Reporter (room 5110A; If you have problems or questions about grades or need help registering for, dropping or adding courses; getting authorization for Directed Research or Directed Reading; changing the number of credits in a variable-credit course after the "edit" deadline has passed; or obtaining authorization for more than 18 credits in a semester (if you are a dual degree student), Ms. Ford Bennett can assist you. She also answers questions about the Dean’s List for each semester and can help you get information from your files, including your personal statement, application form or LSDAS report. All visiting students must see Ms. Ford Bennett to register for classes.

Martha (Meg) Gaines, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Experiential Learning (Room 5211C and 4311A;  In this position, Associate Dean Gaines assists the Dean in administering the Law School, especially with respect to academic affairs and the curriculum.  She works closely with the Assistant Deans who provide student services, and sometimes provides the administrative final word on a question of importance to students.  She also serves as the Director of the Center for Patient Partnerships and teaches courses in the area of health care and consumer health advocacy. 

Eric Giefer, Director of Technology (room 6232; Mr. Giefer and his staff run the Law School computer network and provide technical support for faculty, staff, and student organizations; develop applications and databases for Law School administration; and support audio-visual systems and classroom technologies.

Michael Hall, Director of Student Life (room 5101;; 608-890-0115 (office) and 608-215-7134 (cell)). Mr. Hall consults with students about their academic, personal or professional issues. The Director of Student Life can help you with the following kinds of matters: accommodations for disabilities (during the semester or during exams); re-scheduling of exams; complaints about sexual or physical harassment or assault; or visiting at or transferring to other law schools. 

Debi Hegerfeld, Front Office Receptionist (room 5110; Ms. Hegerfeld covers the phones, handles walk-in inquiries, and sorts the mail.  She handles take-home exams and maintains exam archives.

Jane Heymann, Curricular Coordinator and Externship Director (room 5103;  Ms. Heymann works in many different capacities of curriculum such as scheduling courses, answering student questions about registering for courses, providing academic advising, maintaining and updating  curriculum related information on the website, and assisting our many adjunct faculty members with any issues that arise in the course of their teaching.  Ms. Heymann also serves as the director of the Law School's Law Externship clinic, whereby students obtain academic credit for working at "field placements" in a variety of government agencies and non-profit organizations.

Lee Jankoski, Accountant (room 5106A;  Ms. Jankoski handles financial matters, including purchasing, invoices, reimbursements, and student support check processing.  

Jini M. Jasti, Assistant Dean for Alumni Relations and External Affairs/Executive Director of the Wisconsin Law Alumni Association (room 2332; Ms. Jasti works to foster closer connections of alumni to the University of Wisconsin Law School, to each other, and to our students. She serves as a creative point person in Alumni Relations to Admissions, the Office of Career and Professional Development, current students, and student organizations. As the Executive Director of the Wisconsin Law Alumni Association, she oversees its financial matters and organizes the WLAA's board meetings and special events.  She also oversees the External Affairs Department.

Michael Keller, Assistant Dean for Career and Professional Development (room 3221I;  Assistant Dean Keller is responsible for the overall direction of the Office of Career and Professional Development.  He aims to create the kind of programming and professional interactions necessary for students to succeed in the job market, emphasizing a strong start for first-year law students.

Kevin M. Kelly, Associate Dean of Student & Academic Affairs (room 5105; Associate Dean Kelly helps plan the curriculum, including the schedule of courses, credits, and related academic matters. He recruits adjunct faculty, counsels students on academic questions or concerns, and handles Diploma Privilege eligibility and JD degree requirements, including those involving transfer students and visiting students. He also works closely with Mike Hall, Director of Student Life, on all issues pertaining to the student experience here at the Law School, as well as with Jane Heymann (Curricular Coordinator & Externship Director), Amy Arntsen (Law School Registrar), and Jane Ford Bennett (Senior Grade Reporter).

Emily Kite, Associate Director, Office of Career and Professional Development (room 3221H;  Ms. Kite works with students to provide career advice and career, professional development, and networking programs and events.  She is available for one-on-one career counseling, including review and revision of resumes, cover letters and other application materials, interview preparation, and mock interviews.  Ms. Kite is also the primary contact for students interested in pursuing public interest and government internship and post-graduate employment opportunities.

Karen Koethe, Director of Communications  (room 2336;  As the Director of Communications, Ms. Koethe is responsible for major communication initiatives, including print publications, the UW Law School website, the Gargoyle alumni magazine, and social media accounts.  She serves as the school's liaison to University Communications and broader campus communication efforts.  Ms. Koethe provides departments and student organizations with strategic guidance for communication initiatives and outreach. 

Ryan Mason, Project Manager, Office of Career and Professional Development (room 3221;  Mr. Mason is the lead contact for all issues related to Symplicity, the student job board and OCI interface for the UW Law School.  He can assist with password resets, student documents within Symplicity, and OCI questions.  Mr. Mason also maintains and catalogues employment records, and the surveys associated with those records, for students and graduates who have secured employment and those seeking employment.

Moji E. Olaniyan, Assistant Dean & Director of the Academic Enhancement Program (room 6212;  Assistant Dean Olaniyan works with students to provide academic enrichment and/or academic support services.

Bethany Pluymers, Associate Dean for Administration (room 5115; Associate Dean Pluymers is responsible for the overall administrative processes of the Law School.  She serves as the CFO and HR Director and oversees the Law School Business Office.  The Building Manager and the Tech Department also report to her.  

Kimberly Raether, Communications & Outreach Specialist (room 2332;  Ms. Raether brings graphic design and event planning expertise to a wide range of communication and outreach projects.  Working closely with current students and alumni, Ms. Raether is responsible for the Legal Education Opportunities Banquet, Homecoming Cane Toss, the Kastenmeier Lecture series, and the first year students' Community Outreach Day.  As the in-house graphic designer, Ms. Raether develops the UW Law School's visual identity through custom design projects, including invitations, posters, and website graphics.

Margaret Raymond, Professor and Dean of the Law School (room 5211A; Dean Raymond serves as the chief academic and executive officer of the school, with overall responsibility for faculty and staff development, personnel oversight, fund-raising, budget planning and management, curriculum and student academic affairs.

Rebecca Scheller, Assistant Dean for Admissions and Financial Aid (room 4314C; Assistant Dean Scheller administers, along with the Admissions Committee, the process of reviewing applications to the Law School. She also administers the financial aid program.

Lynn F. Thompson, Director of Student and Alumni Events (room 2334; Ms. Thompson oversees the UW Law School’s major alumni events, two main annual lectures, and other major events, such as graduation.  Her door is open to any event planners; she will offer assistance and guidance whenever possible.

Danielle Topp, Faculty Secretary (  Ms. Topp is the secretary for Law School faculty members.  She also serves as the receptionist at the front desk in the Law School Main Office when Ms. Hegerfeld is away.

Danielle Wampole, Director of Scholarship Administration and Recruitment  (room 4314;  Ms. Wampole works with the Admissions team to review Law School applications and administer the application process. She also administers the scholarship application process, and counsels students on issues related to admissions and financial aid.

Ursula Weigold, Director of Legal Research & Writing (room 4373B; Professor Weigold is responsible for the overall design and administration of the legal research and writing program.  She teaches legal writing classes and is available to answer student questions about our program or courses.

Sir Williams, Director of Admissions  (room 4314; Mr. Williams works with the Admissions team to administer the Law School application process.  He also counsels current/prospective students regarding admissions and financial aid, and manages the Student Ambassador Program.

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