The Economic Justice Institute

EJI programs are dedicated to serving low-income and other under-represented clients in matters designed to enhance access to justice and economic security. The Economic Justice Institute (EJI) is home to the law school's civil, anti-poverty clinical programs:

Students: Find out more about the Economic Justice Institute (EJI)

Law students participating in EJI encounter a wide-ranging set of cases and problems. EJI offers students extraordinary client contact, direct advocacy skills, and the opportunity to reflect on the role - and the limits - of law in addressing social problems. 

Students apply for positions in EJI clinics in November of each year. If selected, they enroll in one of the  clinics for a full year, from May to May. If accepted into EJI, invitations to join the program are extended to admitted students before the end of the first semester.  

Community: The Role of EJI in our community

EJI plays an active role in our community. Our community law office is located in the Atrium at the Villager Mall in South Madison. Students provide workshops to community and interest groups in a variety of areas. The clinics work closely work the Worker's Rights Center, the Foreclosure Task Force, the Domestic Abuse Intervention Service, the Wisconsin Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Community Justice, Inc., the Dane County Court System, and many community groups.

Meet our EJI Board

Our EJI Board plays an important role in providing direction and guidance to our civil legal clinics. Our Board assists the EJI Director and its staff to explore new ways to effectively provide services to the underserved in our area while emphasizing the educational and pedagogical goals that are integral to a clinical education. Most of our Board members participated in one of the EJI clinics while in law school. Our Board members are:  Beth Bucaida, a 2004 graduate and an attorney with the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction; Arthur (Art) Kurtz, a 1986 graduate and an attorney with Axley Brynelson, LLP; Rachel Mielke, a 2008 graduate and an attorney with Melli Law, S.C.; Kelly Noyes, a 2007 graduate and an attorney with Von Briesen & Roper, S.C.; and David Zoeller, a 2007 graduate and an attorney with Hawks Quindel, S.C. and Matt Gillhouse, a 2007 graduate and an immigration attorney with MMG Law.

Want to Help?

As we move forward, you can help. Though we do not charge for our services, we welcome contributions to the Institute. Please join the mission by contributing!

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