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Faculty Activities & Scholarship

  • Mitra Sharafi presented "Forensic Experts in Colonial India: Handwriting Analysis as a Suspect Science" at the Legal History Forum at Yale Law School in December. The paper is a draft chapter from Sharafi's book project, "Fear of the False: Forensic Science in Colonial India."

  • Sumudu Atapattu was an invited plenary speaker at the 2017 IBS Conference on Climate Change and Human Migration, held in Busan, South Korea. She presented “The Human Face of Climate Displacement: Small Island States and Their People.” While in Korea, she also gave a lecture at the Kyungpook National University Law School in Daegu on the role of human rights in relation to climate change.

  • Robert Yablon's article, “Campaign Finance Reform Without Law,” has been published in the Iowa Law Review.

The UW Law School's nationally recognized faculty and staff work together to provide an outstanding learning environment for our students.  Our faculty and staff come from a wide range of backgrounds and bring varying experiences, views, and approaches to the Law School.  They are inspired by the UW’s distinctive law-in-action approach, and they are committed to helping students develop into confident, successful lawyers.

Our faculty members are leading scholars, but they are also actively involved in the law. They advise on stem cell issues, represent clients on death row, work with congressional staffers to draft legislation, provide legal advice to poor farmers in the South, and work with the European Union on monetary policy. They are often quoted in the news, they travel around the world, and they are part of what is new and exciting in the legal community. But first and foremost, they are excellent teachers.

The low student-faculty ratio at the UW Law School allows students to work closely with professors. Our research faculty members teach at all levels in the curriculum and work with students to provide a strong foundation in law and legal reasoning. A prestigious clinical faculty of more than twenty-five full-time teachers provides additional opportunities for students to receive rigorous training and personal attention through hands-on experiential learning.

The UW Law School also has both a legal research and writing faculty and an experienced adjunct faculty as part of its teaching community. Our adjunct faculty members are highly successful practicing lawyers and judges who bring their specialized knowledge and experience to the classroom, bridging the theoretical and the practical aspects of legal training and making the law come to life.

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