Academic and Application Information

Information for Students about Remington Center Clinical Programs:

Below, students will find links to information sheets describing clinical opportunities at the Remington Center, specific information sheets on each of the Center's prison-based clinics, and directions on how to apply for the  prison-based clinics that begin with full-time work during the summer.  In addition, this page provides a brief outline of the summer portion of these prison-based clinics. Because these programs require students to visit prisons, students who are on probation/parole, or who have pending criminal cases against them, cannot be admitted into the program

    Application Information for Remington Center prison-based clinics:

    Summer course requirements:

    • Law 725, Introduction to Criminal Procedure, is highly recommended, but not required.
    • Students will be enrolled full-time (40 hours/week) for 12 weeks.  They will receive 2 paid vacation days.  In an emergency, a student may be able to arrange additional leave with permission of the supervising attorney; in that case, the student must generally make up time.
    • During the summer program, students are expected to be here for an 8-hour work day minimum. No other part-time jobs are allowed during day.

    Credits for summer program:

Students will receive a total of 7 credits for summer program, as follows:

      • 3 credits of "Law & Correctional Institutions" (Law 945) for 3-week intersession.
      • 4 credits of LAIP(Law 862) for 9-week summer session (this is only half the credit students would otherwise get for the 9-week program, because they receive a stipend for other half of their time).
      • Both courses are graded S, S+, S-, U

    Summer Stipend and Tuition Remission:

    • In addition to the 7 credits, students will be appointed as part-time Project Assistants for two months of the summer, resulting in a stipend plus a full remission of the summer tuition.
    • We expect the stipend paid for the Project Assistants over the summer to be about $2,500.  Students will also receive the value of the 7-credit tuition remission.

    Structure of 12-week Summer Program for the Prison-based Clinics:

    • The 3-week intersession will include a substantial amount of classroom orientation.  Most of the 9-week session will focus on clinical work for clients.
    • Students are divided by project; a project may provide additional classroom sessions throughout summer.
    • Students make weekly visits to prisons (we use UW or state fleet cars for transportation).
    • Most work is done in the Remington Center's office.  We supply desks, phones, intranet access, and Internet and printers. Students bring their own computers.
    • Students can expect to participate in weekly small group "reflective" meetings.
    • We will also hold periodic large group meetings/workshops for all 50-plus students in the prison-based clinics.

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