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  • Mitra Sharafi gave a paper at the "Locating Forensic Science and Medicine" conference in London. Her paper, "Blood Testing and Fear of the False in Colonial India," examines the history of precipitin blood testing, a form of blood-testing used in the 20th century to determine the species of origin of a blood stain and identify fabricated evidence that involved animal blood. The conference was co-sponsored by the Universities of Manchester and Notre Dame.

  • Alta Charo's article, "Yellow lights for emerging technologies," outlines more flexible and responsive forms of regulation for emerging science and technologies, where traditional risk/benefit evaluation is difficult or impossible. The article appears in the July 24 issue of Science.

  • Thomas Mitchell's article, "Reforming Property Law to Address Devastating Land Loss," is reviewed in the July/August edition of Probate and Property, a publication of the American Bar Association. Mitchell's article on tenancy-in-common ownership rules, and the need to reform them, appeared in the Alabama Law Review.


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