The Legal Research & Writing Program

Our legal writing curriculum reflects the Law School's strong commitment to helping every student learn essential lawyering skills. The Legal Research and Writing Program offers courses in legal research, analysis, and writing for students at all levels.

Students gain intensive legal research and writing experience in their first year of law school at Wisconsin. They learn to research the law in both traditional and electronic formats and to prepare a variety of legal documents typical of law practice. Upper-level students have a variety of choices for advanced legal writing instruction in seminars, clinics, doctrinal courses, and specialized research and writing courses.  

Legal Research and Writing in the First Semester

Legal Research and Writing in the Second Semester

News & Announcements

1.  The finalists in the 2015 Best Brief Competition are Joseph Diedrich, Shannon Lins, and Jessica Schultz.  Congratulations to these finalists!

2.  The semi-finalists in the 2015 Best Brief Competition were Monica Anderson, Lucie Butner, Joseph Diedrich, Kai Hovden, Megan Humphreys, Cecilia Kress, Shannon Lins, Alex Phillips, James Radcliffe, Jessica Schultz, Lauren Weber, and Melissa Zabkowicz.

The Best Brief Competition is an annual event in which the Legal Research and Writing faculty select the best appellate briefs from among those written by their spring semester students.  A panel of Wisconsin attorneys evaluates the semi-finalists' briefs to determine who will become finalists.  A panel of Law School faculty then evaluates the finalists' briefs to determine the winner.  The winner of the competition will be announced by the end of September 2015.

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Pre-Trial Advocacy Motion Brief Template

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