Spotlight: Pre-Law Scholars

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Activities and Scholarship

Michele LaVigne spoke on the effects of clients' language impairments at two February forums: in Monterrey, she presented at the Capital Case Defense Seminar, sponsored by the California Public Defenders Association and California Attorneys for Criminal Justice; and in Tucson, she presented before the Federal Defenders of Arizona and panel attorneys. She also spoke on evidentiary foundations at the Tucson event.

Keith Findley and Kate Judson gave keynote talks at "Shaken Science, Reviewing SBS/AHT," an international symposium held in February at Ryukoku University in Kyoto, Japan. Findley presented "The Past, Present, and Future of SBS Cases in the United States," and Judson presented "Defending SBS/AHT Cases in the United States and Around the World." The two also presented their research on science-dependent child abuse cases at the Japan Federation of Bar Associations in Tokyo.

In January, Yaron Nili presented "Beyond The Numbers: Substantive Gender Diversity in Boardrooms" at the Faculty Work In Process workshop at University Minnesota Law School.

David Schwartz presented "The Strange Career of Implied Commerce Powers" at a University of Denver Sturm College of Law faculty workshop held in January.