Spotlight: Pre-Law

Activities and Scholarship

In May, Jonathan Scharrer presented "All Roads Lead to Rome: Paths to Advancing and Teaching Social Justice" at the 2017 AALS Conference on Clinical Legal Education.

In May, Gretchen Viney presented "Serving as Guardian ad Litem in Divorce Actions" at Guardian ad Litem Training 2017, sponsored by Pinnacle Seminars for the State Bar of Wisconsin.

Bill Whitford presented "Political Gerrymandering: Wisconsin is Ground Zero" at the 2017 Come Together Conference, "Empowering Lawyers and Activists with Tools for Change," held in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

Yaron Nili presented "Out of Sight Out of Mind: The Case for Improving Director Independence Disclosure" at the American Law and Economics Association Annual Meeting at Yale Law School in May. His co-authored paper, "'Captured Boards': The Rise of 'Super Directors' and the Case for a Board Suite," was also presented at the meeting.