Spotlight: Tatiana Shirasaki

We Heart Our Students This UW Law graduate student dreams of opening a children's humanitarian immigration clinic.

Activities and Scholarship

Keith Findley participated on the panel "Let's Talk about Probablistic Genotyping" at the Innocence Network Annual Conference, held in San Diego in March.

In March, Asifa Quraishi-Landes presented "How not to talk about Muslim Feminism" at Northwestern University in Qatar.

An article by former faculty member Jonathan Lipson and former student Jennifer Vandermeuse ’11 was cited in a March 22 U.S. Supreme Court opinion involving the authority of bankruptcy courts, Czyzewski v. Jevic Holding Corporation. Their article, “Stern, Seriously: The Article I Judicial Power, Fraudulent Transfers, and Leveraged Buyouts,” appeared in a 2013 issue of Wisconsin Law Review.

Meg Gaines co-authored the National Academy of Medicine report "Vital Directions for Health and Health Care: Priorities from a National Academy of Medicine Initiative," released in March. The paper was part of the NAM's Vital Directions series, which presented expert information and viewpoints to inform debate and decision making around U.S. health and health care. Gaines served on the steering committee for the series.