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Activities and Scholarship

In February, Susannah Tahk presented "The Tax War on Poverty," as part of the Institute for Research on Poverty's Meet the New Affiliate seminar series.

Alta Charo was a member of the committee that authored, "Mitochondrial Replacement Techniques: Ethical, Social and Policy Considerations," a report for the National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine. In the report, the committee offers guarded approval of a groundbreaking reproductive technology that makes it possible to combine genetic material from three people. The goal is to avoid passing on certain severe diseases to children, but the technology is controversial because it opens the door to future uses that include making genetic changes that will be inherited for generations to come. Video of the briefing, which was held February 3, is available online.

Lisa Alexander was an invited participant in the University of San Francisco Law Review’s Housing Law Symposium, "Housing for Vulnerable Populations and the Middle Class: Revisiting Housing Rights and Policies in a Time of Expanding Crisis," in January. A video and blog of the event is available on the on the PropertyProf Blog.

In January, Keith Findley presented a State Bar of Wisconsin webinar, "Forensic Science: Fact or Fallacy?" It will be rebroadcast online on Jan. 19, Feb. 3, Feb. 9, Feb. 18, and Feb. 26.