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Activities and Scholarship

John Ohnesorge's chapter, "The Regulatory State in East Asia," has been published in Comparative Law and Regulation, edited by Francesca Bignami of the George Washington University Law School, and David Zaring of the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.

Alta Charo was elected to the governing council of the National Academy of Medicine.  

In December, Ben Kempinen presented “Ethics Rules for Prosecutors: The Wisconsin Experience” in Milwaukee County. The presentation--broadcast statewide to all Wisconsin prosecutors--tracked the history of the state’s approach to ethical issues unique to the prosecution function, detailed the efforts of those involved, and explained how the current version of the rule informs state prosecutors in their day to day work.

Miriam Seifter’s essay, “Complementary Separations of Power,” was published by the New York University Law Review Online in December.