Spotlight: Summer Jobs

Laura Bachmann 3L Laura Bachmann spent her summer at a Portland nonprofit, where she worked to protect endangered and threatened wildlife species.

Activities and Scholarship

A book co-edited by Sumudu Atapattu, "International Environmental Law and the Global South," was published in September by Cambridge University Press. Atapattu also co-wrote the introduction to the book, "The North-South Divide in International Environmental Law: Framing the Issues," and contributed the article, "The Significance of International Environmental Law Principles in Reinforcing or Dismantling the North-South Divide."

Alta Charo's article, "CRISPR Critters and CRISPR Cracks," discusses current and futuristic non-human applications of the new CRISPR technology for genetic engineering, noting areas in which these new organisms fall between the regulatory cracks. It was published in the American Journal of Bioethics in September.

An excerpt of Lisa Alexander’s article, "Hip-Hop and Housing: Revisiting Culture, Urban Space, Power and Law," was reprinted in the Real Property Law Section of the anthology, "Hip Hop and the Law," published by Carolina Academic Press in August.

Alta Charo's chapter, "Speed vs. Safety in Drug Development," was published in the book, "FDA in the Twenty-First Century" (Lynch and Cohen, eds.), in September.