Spotlight: Shui Li

We 'Heart' Our Students: Shui Li Shui Li turned her summer internship with a Minneapolis patent litigation firm into fall employment.

Activities and Scholarship

Keith Findley presented "Tunnel Vision in Criminal Cases," at the Conference on Establishing Innocence or Guilt: Causes of and Solutions to Wrongful Convictions. The conference, held in Plano, Texas, in February, was organized by Center on American and International Law.

A model act Thomas Mitchell helped draft became law in Arkansas in February. Arkansas is the fifth state to enact into law the Uniform Partition of Heirs Property Act, which aims to produce fairer outcomes in the division or sale of land involving tenancy-in-common property (commonly referred to as heirs' property). Mitchell served as reporter, or principal drafter, on the Uniform Law Commission to author the act.

In February, Cecelia Klingele presented "Advising Defendants on Collateral Consequences: Legal Obligations & Ethical Considerations" for criminal defense and civil lawyers employed by Legal Aid of Buffalo, New York.

Keith Findley presented "A Critical Look at Cognitive Bias Issues in Expert Testimony about Non-Accidental Head Injury" at the American Academy of Forensic Sciences Annual Meeting, held in Orlando, Florida, in February.