Skills Workshops

Skills Workshops

Throughout each academic year, the AEP provides intentionally designed skills workshops workshops to equip first year law students with academic, learning, and study skills often needed to master the law school curriculum. These workshops also help students get ready for final exams. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to registers for each skills workshop?
A: No, registration is not required. Reminder are sent on fliers and by email a few days ahead. An email reminder may also sent within 24 hours of the scheduled workshop. Watch for these reminders.
Q: Am I required to attend these skills workshop?
A: Attendance is not required. Although participation is voluntary, we strongly recommend you attend all workshops because 1Ls get study and exam tips that are not readily available elsewhere.
Q: What skills workshops are offered?
A: Please refer to the skills workshop schedule and check out the description of what each workshop will cover. See the fall 2017 schedule below. 
Q: Can I eat lunch during a skills workshop?
A: Yes, you may eat lunch during a workshop because these workshops are typically scheduled over lunch.
Q: What if I miss a skills workshop?
A: If you miss a workshop, you may come to the AEP office 6210 to pick up any handouts that were given out during the workshop. Note: Individual appointments are typically not available to discuss missed workshops.

Fall 2017 Workshop Schedule

Day & DateRoomTimeTitle of Skills Workshop
Tues. Sept. 5522910:00am - 11:00am 
1:30pm - 2:30pm
Study Strategies for Understanding
Civil Procedure, Contracts, and Criminal Law

Mon. Sept. 11
Tues. Sept. 12
522912:05pm - 1:00pmStudy Smart: Essential Skills & Tips
for Law School Success

Mon. Sept. 18 
Tues. Sept. 19
522912:05pm - 1:00pm"Outlining": The Art of Organizing Course
Materials for Optimizing Academic Performance

Mon. Oct. 2 
Tues. Oct. 3
522312:05pm - 1:00pmPractical Legal Research Tools and Tips

Mon. Oct. 932609:50am - 10:40am1L Required: AEP Check-in (Hadjimarkos meets Tues. @ 1:10)
Mon. Oct. 9522912:05pm - 1:00pm1L Required: AEP Check-in (Peterson)
Mon. Oct. 952232:40pm - 3:30pm1L Required: AEP Check-in (Hadjimarkos meets Mon. @ 1:10)

Tues. Oct. 10522310:55am - 11:45am1L Required: AEP Check-in (Turner meets Mon. @ 1:10)
Tues. Oct. 10522912:05pm - 1:00pm1L Required: AEP Check-in (Turner meets Tues. @ 10:30)
Tues. Oct. 1032503:20pm - 4:10pm1L Required: AEP Check-in (Weigold)

Mon. Oct. 16
Tues. Oct. 17
522912:05pm - 1:00pmTips for Mid-Term--
Issue Spotting & Legal Analysis

Mon. Oct. 23
Tues. Oct. 24
522312:05pm - 1:00pmPractical Writing and Citation Tips (2Ls/3Ls)

Mon. Oct. 23
Tues. Oct. 24
522912:05pm - 1:00pmPreparing & Studying for Finals (1Ls)

Tues. Nov. 7226012:05pm - 1:00pmStrategies for Writing Essays on Law Exam 
(Dean Raymond)

Mon. Nov. 13
Tues. Nov. 14
226012:05pm - 1:00pmOutreach by Law Journals/Moot Court/Mock Trial

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