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The Wisconsin-European University Institute Exchange Program


The European University Institute is a graduate-level research institute set up by the European Union with departments in law, economics, political and social science, and history. The Institute is organized to provide a stimulating and supportive environment for students wishing to research and write dissertations in a specific area of interest. The Law Department offers seminars on topics such as European Union law, human rights law, labor law and competition law. To take full advantage of the EUI program, exchange students may choose an independent study topic to pursue while there. The language of instruction at the Institute is English. For details visit the EUI web site at


1992 marked the first exchange of students between the University of Wisconsin Law School and the European University Institute in Florence, Italy. Professor Gregory Shaffer of the Law School directed this program between 1997-2005.   The program is now directed by Professor Heinz Klug of the Law School.  Under the program, law students and graduate students from Wisconsin study for one or two semesters at the EUI, and EUI students come to Wisconsin.


The EUI occupies a converted fourteenth century abbey on a hill overlooking Florence. From the terrace outside the cafeteria one sees olive groves, Tuscan hills, and downtown Florence in the distance. The program generally begins in early September and ends in mid-December. During the first month, only language classes are taught. Most students take Italian, which is offered at beginning and intermediate levels. Students may also select other language courses. There are approximately 400 students at the EUI, most of them from the Member States of the European Union. Most of the European students at the EUI are working on a three-year Ph.D.


Wisconsin students pay their regular tuition to the Law School and this covers all academic expenses in Italy. Students are responsible for their own travel expenses. While in Florence, students must pay for their own housing and other living expenses. Typical rent costs are about $250-675, the broad range reflecting different living situations--alone, with roommates, location, etc. EUI researchers (their title for students) are also entitled to free use of computers, including e-mail service. The cafeteria (called a mensa) at the EUI is very reasonable, as is the student-run bar.


The program is usually limited to attendance at EUI during the fall semester although the spring semester is a possibility. This exchange program is only open to University of Wisconsin graduate students.


Wisconsin exchange students can earn upto 13 credits for one semester at the Institute. Please contact the program director if you have any questions.


The application procedure is the same as for all study abroad programs. 

Selections will be done by the Study Abroad Committee collectively.

Send direct inquiries about the program to Professor Heinz Klug or general inquiries about study abroad to Sumudu Atapattu 

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