Mock Trial

Mock Trial gives law students real trial experience at a competitive level. Team members enroll in a trial advocacy class in the fall, and participate in national competitions in the spring. For students interested in litigation, Mock Trial is an invaluable experience to develop skills that other courses cannot provide.

About the Classroom Experience

Practice trial advocacy
In Mock Trial, members learn by doing. They create their own direct and cross examinations, opening statements, closing arguments, and get first-hand advice from practicing attorneys.

See the Rules of Evidence in action
Students learn the basics of evidence and put their knowledge into practice. Learn when to object and how to do so persuasively. You do not have to take Evidence before joining mock trial.

Why Join Mock Trial?

Develop your skills
The skills you will acquire as a Mock Trial member simply cannot be replicated by book study alone. Become more confident and poised. Refine your public speaking skills. What you learn here translates far beyond the courtroom.

Enhance your résumé
Show your employers that your public speaking and oral communication skills are second to none!  If you are looking to give yourself a competitive edge without putting in some serious, time, however beware! Mock Trialers earn every bit of their excellent reputations.

Work with experienced students and attorneys
Like many student organizations, Mock Trial provides a fantastic opportunity to learn from your peers, and enjoy a collaborative environment. An added bonus: all of our coaches are either still practicing law, or have recently turned to teaching after highly successful litigation careers. As a result, their advice is on point and up to date.

Get credit
2Ls and 3Ls are eligible to receive 3 credits (pass/fail) during a semester in which they compete and 2 credits (pass/fail) during a semester in which they fully participate in mock trial but are not part of a competing team. Under ABA rules, 1Ls are ineligible to receive credit for mock trial due to limits on the number of credits a 1L can receive under ABA rules.

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