1L Enrollment Information

Spring 2015 First-year Course Schedule Information

Greetings!  You may begin to register for your assigned courses as of Friday, December 12, 2014.  You must be enrolled by Monday, January 5, 2015, because faculty will be emailing pertinent information that is needed for the first week of the class and thereafter, and you must be enrolled to receive this information via class-list email.

The Law School was able to accommodate all reasonable scheduling requests. Please be aware, because all first-year schedules have been carefully balanced to equalize the numbers of students in each, the Law School will not be entertaining individual student requests to change an assigned schedule.  

Information on how to register for your courses via the Internet is available from the University Registrar at the following website: http://registrar.wisc.edu/enrollment_information.htm (click on "Demos & Tutorials"  on the left-hand side of the page, under the heading "Quick Links").

To register, you will need the five-digit “Class Number” (also sometimes referred to as the “Call Number”) for each course listed on your particular assigned schedule.

Register for all of your courses on the assigned schedule that was emailed to you on December 10 (unless you intend to be a part-time student).  Please contact Jane Heymann with any enrollment questions (jheymann@wisc.edu, Room 5103; 608-262-6413).

You can see what books your instructors are requiring or recommending by visiting this website:  http://mycourseguide.wisc.edu

Additional information about textbooks is available on the website of the UW-Madison Registrar at http://registrar.wisc.edu/textbook_information_students.htm

During the month of January, many professors post an initial assignment that they would like their students to prepare for the first day of class.  Check this page in mid-January for any such assignments that your instructors may have posted:  http://dev.law.wisc.edu/academics/assignments/spring2015/index.html

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