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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About the Digital Print Shop

Our Major Goal for the Law School Digital Print Shop:

Meeting our customer needs, being flexible and imaginative in producing a variety of printed products, with rapid turn-around time and meeting accepted standards of quality.

Making Copies 

In order to achieve this goal, and to compete in an environment in which more customers demand their jobs on a tight time-line {and increasingly, they're marking time in hours instead of days}, we have acquired digital technology in our High Speed printers/copiers/scanner. They provide us with reliability, ability to copy onto many different weights of paper -- you name it . Altogether, the digital equipment brings a new level of productivity to our Digital Print Shop.

By extending our capabilities into the digital realm and working towards a fully networked solution, and to augment our existing capabilities by incorporating: on-line connection and networking into our workflow, we're equipped for future growth by providing our customers with real total communications solutions.

Product flexibility is another of the benefits we are looking for and we want to be as equipped as we can, so we never have to say "no" to our customers. We want to ensure a high level of customer problem-solving satisfaction in our Digital Print Shop.

With the High speed printers/copiers/scanner, we have all the features we need for a productive Digital Print Shop:

Paper sizes: 8 1/2" x 11", 8 1/2" x 14", 11" x 17"
Paperweight: 16 to 110 lbs.
Duplexing: 1 to 1, 1 to 2, 2 to 2, 2 to 1, Book to 2
Enlargement and reduction: 50% to 400%
Margin shift: left or right
Edge erase
On-line multi-position stapling
Automatic cover sheet and independent insert selection
Enhanced copy quality control, plus manual selection
Job interrupt
Photo mode — reproduction of photographs, halftones and artwork

Color Copier/Printer: From presentations to reports, color makes your message bold, vivid and most important, memorable. And you can send your job via your computer directly to us at: It's that simple.

Please refer to the Law School's Copyright Policy to ensure compliance with applicable copyright laws.

Besides the copying of various materials, we also offer these fine services for your convenience:

Scanning: To make those bulky pages easier to handle or e-mail, we can scan them into either a .pdf file (just for reading, not editable) or a .tif file (for making changes). We can return the scanned pages via e-mail (as an attachment), on a floppy disk, or burned to a CD.

Trimming: We have a high-performance, hand-operated, precision cutter that turns paper cutting into a simple operation. It can cut up to a full ream of paper effortlessly, to just about any size you need:

Drilling: We have a paper drill with a maximum drilling capacity of 2". It really makes drilling paper easy, and with the movable stop gauge we can give you any desired hole spacing that you need.

Folding: We have a very reliable folder. It handles folding with ease and efficiency, and adjusts for standard and non-standard folds in seconds.
Paper size: 4" x 5" to 11" x 17" Paper weight: 16 to 67 lbs.

Stapling: We have a variety of reliable professional stapling machines, designed for a wide range of fastening applications. With speed and ease of operations we can staple from 2 to 125 sheets at one time.

Binding: We offer several kinds of binding techniques which are designed to provide a solution to all your document binding needs.

Acc. Fastener - For fast easy assembly. Binds together punched papers. Variable lengths.

Or, put the finishing touches on your work with either a Fastback or VeloBind. These provide a smooth, clean-edged professional look.

Fastback — High quality cloth adhesive bind. Binds 10 - 300 pages.
{We can also print titles on the bind. Available in Gold or Silver print}.

VeloBind — High quality plastic bind. Binds documents up to 3" thick.

Lamination: Produces a clear, rugged and fully protected laminate evert time. Prefect for the professional environment and built to with stand constant usage. Protect your cards, signs and other important documents with results that are as clear as glass.

Booklet Maker: Capable of jogging, saddle stapling, folding and trimming in one easy operation to produce a variety of professional-looking program, reports, manuals and presentations.

Paper: Plain or 3-hole punched in all our paper.

All the colors that we carry can be seen live, and posted down in the Digital Print Shop.

We can also order all of these paper in 8½ x 14 and 11 x 17.

All our papers are 50% recycled/30% Post Consumer, and are manufacture to give you quality in Acid-free and Archival paper.

White: We offer the ultimate choice for all your office or personal needs, in the standard 20-lb. white bond that we carry. Available in 8 ½" x 11", 8 ½" x 14" and 11" x 17".

Astrobrights: We offer a wide selection of attention-getting colors called Astrobrights, which are an ideal choice for your communications that demand visual impact. See your graphics come alive. Comes in standard 8 ½" x 11" in either 24/60-lb. text or 65-lb. cover

Exact Multipurpose Colors: A general utility bond suitable for office uses. Available in an array of 7 pleasing pastel colors. Comes in standard 8 ½" x 11" 20/50-lb.

Exact Index: Bulking papers are perfect for all types of medium to heavyweight applications. Brochures, covers and direct mail will come alive on one of our five pastel colors. Comes in standard 8 ½" x 11" 90-lb.

Fine Communication Paper: Fraser papers Synergy Bond 25% Cotton white imaging finish, 24 lb., 8 1/2" x 11", and is known for its high brightness and clean white shade. This distinguished paper lends itself to such uses as letterhead, business communications, resume' and other creative applications.

Astroparche: The soft warm tones, underscores the importance of your message. Commands reader attention. These papers are the prefect premise for announcements, certificates, greeting cards, letterhead and a world of unlimited possibilities. Comes in standard 60-lb. text and 65-lb. cover.

Transparency Film: Quality transparency film lets you make brilliant archival visuals. This film is designed to produce crisp sharp projection images.

Specialty Papers: Need to be tested before printing to see if they are feasible to use. Can print address labels and pressure-sensitive sheets.

We have on hand a whole catalogue of different paper swatches you can look over for that special refined look you're going for.

Check out these smart job preparation tips — from the Digital Print Shop Guys:

Work Request Form:
Customers are reminded to fill out the Duplication Work Request Form as completely as possible. Enter the information next to the appropriate squares on the sheet. That includes writing in the special instruction box anything that may help clarify things. If you don't, your wishes may be unclear to the people producing the work.

The sheets are important to us because they ensure accurate job completion. They are sent right along with a job into production, giving each worker along the way the benefit of having detailed instructions close at hand.

Request forms are available in our mail box and down in the Digital Print Shop.

Some customers find it convenient to pick up a few request forms in advance and have them ready to submit with their orders.

Jobs may also be submitted electronically as an e-mail attachment to our E-mail address:

In some cases, it's important to allow extra margin space along the right and left edges of your pages. If you would like us to plastic-bind, tape-bind, or three-hole drill your job, allow at least a 3/4 inch margin on both sides of the page, to prevent your text from being covered by a bind or drilled.

Image is everything:
First, it's always good to try for the best possible image quality on your original. A lot of the quality of the finished product rides on this step. Look over the text. Is it too light? If so, it will lighten further ("drop out") during reproduction in our shop. Is it too dark? It will keep darkening during reproduction, running the risk of filling in or "plugging."

If you would like us to duplicate something from a book, bring in a good photocopy of the item you want printed. An opened book does not make a good original.

Along these lines, please don't submit an original for duplicating that has wide, black edges at the sides, top or bottom of the page. These are edges that appear when you try to photocopy from a thick book, and large parts of the image area of the photocopier glass are left uncovered. An original of this type sticks in our machines, because the black edges draw a lot of toner, which makes the paper stick to the fuser roller in a duplicator and wrap around. The solution here is to cover the open areas of the glass with 81/2 x 11 white paper.

Colors and Screens:
It's probably best to avoid the use of color in your materials. Simply put, no colors reproduce as well as black. Red does fairly well, but still poses problems in some cases. Pencil, light blue and yellow reproduce poorly.

With screens, dark areas grow darker, light areas lighter, during each reproduction in the Digital Print Shop. Customers should double-check the printouts for an even dot pattern. We found that a 20% screen works best.

Customers who paste up originals should practice special care in the placement of text, frames, borders, and other elements. Many jobs come in with text lines crooked, and elements not squared the way customers want.
Customers should also double-check that text is aligned the way they want on originals. This is important for jobs that will be trimmed, and jobs that will be letter-folded (brochures, for example). Clients frequently want their text centered on brochure panels, but it winds up falling far right or left once the folds are made in our shop. Try to do a test-fold, to see how the copy aligns on each panel.

Generally, if you need to affix items (text blocks, charts, newspaper clippings) to an original, please be careful, because whatever is under the tape will drop in image quality. Also the edges of tape create lines on a page that are duplicated in our shop. Please use "post-its" to mark taped pages.

Staples & Paper Clips:
Remove all staples and paper clips from your pages. If you do not, your originals will jam in the document feeder and be destroyed by the machine.

As always, anything worth doing is worth doing right. Customer service, above all else, requires a commitment to doing it right.

Support Services:

We offer a large variety of both general and specific technical support services and meaningful customer relations. Here are just a few:

  • Respond to customer phone and walk-in inquiries
  • Assist customers in the selection of formats and materials that will produce the most professional finish to their job
  • Instruct customers on the proper set-up, clearing jams and operations of all self-service equipment
  • Inform customers of changes in policies, procedures, and hours
  • Provide free empty paper boxes (when in season)
  • Receive, sort and distribute packages from various incoming and outgoing mailing services to mailboxes, office, hang-files or pick-up
  • Check loading dock twice daily for incoming packages or supplies and deliver to or call the appropriate person

Rest assured: a friendly, helping hand is as close as your phone or computer. Just give us a call (262-0668) or E-mail us at for more information.

To us good service means always being happy to hear from our customers; always keeping our promises; always being easy to work with; always adapting to individual customers' needs and preferences; and always keeping our customers informed of any changes in our schedule or services in a timely fashion.

Thank you for your support.

Linda Taylor

Room: 2115 Hours: Mon - Fri 7:00am - 4:15pm
Phone: 262-0668
E-mail address:

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