About Our Support

The Technology Services and Support Department provides the following areas of services to law school faculty, staff, clinical programs, and student organizations (general law student support is provided by the Law Library and DoIT).

  • Office workstation support (computers, monitors, printers, software)
    • Response-based technical support
    • Preventive maintenance and upgrades (software patching and updates, security policies, performance enhancements)
  • Classroom (audio-visual and computer) support
  • Network management (network equipment and file server administration)
  • Web site administration (web server, content management support, design and graphics)
  • Database administration and development
  • Other application development
  • Technology budgeting, purchasing, installation, and deployment
  • User education and notification
  • Represent Law School on campus committees and working groups

From January - November 2003, we received nearly 2,500 requests for assistance from members of the Law School Community. Our stated response time for e-mail support is 2-3 working days; our stated response time for phoned-in support calls is 1 business day. We have closed nearly 95% of our cases within our stated response times.

The "help@law" logo refers to the e-mail address to which all technical support requests should be directed: help@law.wisc.edu

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