East Asian Legal Studies Center

About the East Asian Legal Studies Centers

The East Asian Legal Studies Center (EALSC) was founded in 1990.  In the past decades, the EALSC has played a major role in the University of Wisconsin Law School's activities in East Asia.  It established extensive partnerships with academic institutions in the region and initiated or co-sponsored a variety of conferences and outreach programs. A list of our partner institutions is available here.

Currently, the EALSC's main tasks are to support faculty and student research on East Asian legal issues, organize talks and conferences on campus, host visiting scholars from East Asia, develop and maintain academic partnerships in East Asia, and promote East Asian legal studies at the University of Wisconsin and beyond.

Contact details:
c/o Research Centers, UW Law School
975 Bascom Mall, Room 6218
Madison, Wisconsin [WI] 53706-1399  
Telephone: (608) 890 1395

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