Network drives-- Windows

The software available on this page will only work for:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista**
  • Windows 7**
  • Windows 10

**If you have Windows Vista or Windows 7, you may need to bring your computer to the tech office or run the script below to make modifications to your registry in order to mount the remote drives. Click the link below and choose to run or open the file.

Click *here* for the registry fix!

(You only need to run the registry fix one time.)

For access to one of the network drives below, you'll need to fill in the form information and download the batch file for that drive. (We recommend that you save it to your desktop.) You will only need to download this software once but you MUST RUN THIS SOFTWARE EVERY time you wish to access one of the network drives listed below from your machine.

***IMPORTANT FOR STUDENTS: In order for the script to work you must have logged into a Law School machine (ie an office machine or the computer lab) and have successfully changed your password! (To retrieve your initial law school password, go to and sign in using your NetID.)

NOTE: Out of building (even other campus locations) must use the DoIT VPN software before running the script.

Pick Server to Access:




NetID is the first part of your email address.

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