Tech Support for Home Computers

Departmentally Owned

If your PC was purchased with University funds (a grant, a Professorship, a graduate school account, etc.) Technology Services staff can provide limited technical support.

  1. Home PC's receive less priority than Law School PC's. You must be prepared to leave your home PC with us for 3-5 business days
  2. We do not provide on-site support; you must bring your PC (no cables, monitors, keybaord, etc. are necessary) to room 2270 of the Law School
  3. We can only install software that we support and own licenses to
  4. We will make every effort to ensure that no data is lost during whatever operations we perform, but we are not responsible for any data loss that may occur due to unforeseen problems. You are responsible for backing up your home system regularly.
  5. We are not authorized repair agents of any manufacturer. We cannot order spare parts unless they are covered by warranty. We cannot perform hardware repair unless the specific repair does not void the warranty.
  6. Depending on the circumstances (current work load, nature of problem, etc.) we may recommend shipping your system to an authorized repair agent.

Personally Owned

If your PC was purchased with personal funds, we cannot provide support for it. We recommend you contact DoIT's Repair Desk. For more information, see

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