Law School Computer Purchases and Upgrades

The Law School Technology Services department is responsible for purchasing PCs for all Law School faculty, staff, and select student organizations (SBA, Moot Court, Law Review, Wisconsin Journal of Law, Gender & Society, Wisconsin International Law Journal) with the following exceptions.

  • Units within the Law School that receive partial external funding are required to contribute toward the purchase of computing equipment for their staff, faculty, and students.
  • Units within the Law School that are wholly funded by external sources are required to fund the entire purchase of new computing equipment for their faculty, staff, and students.

Decisions on upgrading existing PCs will be made by Technology Services according to available funding, the age of the PC in relation to the average age of PCs in the Law School in general, and the nature of the work performed by the PC's chief user.

PCs purchased for faculty and staff use will conform to minimal specifications as determined by the Director of Technology. Faculty and staff who have access to alternative funding sources can contribute toward the purchase of any desired upgrades beyond the "base" specifications.

Faculty and staff who are "due" for an upgrade will be notified in advance and given the option of identifying funds for any deisred upgrades to the base unit.

Upgrades will be scheduled on a per user basis shortly after new PCs arrive and are configured by Technology Services staff.

Every effort will be made to transfer existing files and applications from a user's old PC to new PC. However, users should review the List of Supported Software and notify Technology Services staff of any additional software they have had installed.

Users should not store files and documents on the C: drive. All files and documents should be stored on your R: drive or in a shared folder on the S: drive. Technology Services staff are not responsible for any files stored on a computer's local hard drive.

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