There are two resources for financial assistance at the UW Law School: the Office of Student Financial Aid (OSFA), and the Law School Admissions and Financial Aid Office. The OSFA, the University's main financial aid office, awards all federal loans as well as federal work-study funds. The Law School Admissions and Financial Aid Office awards scholarships based on a variety of criteria.

Contact information for the Office of Student Financial Aid: 333 East Campus Mall #9701, Madison, WI 53715, or (608) 262-3060.

Contact information for the Law School Admissions and Financial Aid Office: 975 Bascom Mall, Room 4314, Madison, WI 53706, or (608) 262-5914.

This page focuses on how to apply for law school scholarships. For information on federal financial aid, please see our federal financial aid primer.

How to Apply for Law School Scholarships

The Law School awards scholarships based on a variety of criteria. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of merit, need, academic background, personal qualifications, or some combination depending on the individual scholarship. Many of our scholarships are generously funded by private donors. Learn more about the individual scholarships we offer, and the people who make them possible, here.

Incoming Students

Upon submitting a law school application, all incoming first-year students will receive a Scholarship Application Form. The Scholarship Application Form is not required to be considered for scholarships, but it is highly recommended. Incoming students will be considered for scholarships based on their law school application materials and the Scholarship Application Form. Scholarship offers are made on a rolling basis throughout the admissions cycle. Usually, incoming students can expect to receive a scholarship award letter within 2-3 weeks of being admitted.

Current Students

Scholarship availability for continuing students varies from year to year. Continuing students wishing to be considered for new or increased scholarships must submit a formal request to the Law School Admissions and Financial Aid Office, no later than August 15th prior to the start of the academic year to which the request applies. Requests should include: (1) a letter explaining the student's request, (2) the student's most recent unofficial law school transcripts, and (3) an updated resume. Scholarship requests from continuing students will be considered in late August and early September.

If you are a current student experiencing a financial emergency, please contact the Law School Admissions and Financial Aid Office for counseling on the resources that may be available to you, including the possibility of obtaining an emergency short-term loan.

Outside Scholarship Opportunities

Many students apply for scholarship funding from outside organizations and sources to help pay for their educational expenses. View a list of scholarships and grants from outside organizations here.

Thanking Your Donor

If you are awarded a scholarship, it is very important to recognize that gift. A well written thank you note from a student is always welcome, and often extremely meaningful to your scholarship donor. Your note is what will remind your donor that their generosity makes a difference.

If you receive a scholarship funded by a UW Law School donor, you will be contacted by the Law School Admissions and Financial Aid Office in the fall, and required to complete a short written thank you note and recipient award profile.

If you receive an outside scholarship, we strongly encourage you to write a thank you note. Please stop by the Admissions and Financial Aid Office and we will provide you with free UW Law stationary, as well as mail your thank you card for you.

Law School Scholarship Policies and Information

We understand that financial aid can be complicated, and we are here to help. If you have any questions about your scholarship award, or other financial aid issues, please don't hesitate to contact the Law School Admissions and Financial Aid Office at or 608-262-5914. We would be happy to meet with you to go over the details of your award.

Your scholarship letter will contain details about your specific scholarship award, and any special criteria or policies that apply to your award. If your scholarship letter contains more specific or conflicting criteria from that explained here, you should abide by the criteria contained in that letter.

In order to remain eligible for law school scholarships, you must remain enrolled full-time at the University of Wisconsin Law School, maintain satisfactory academic progress, and remain in good professional standing.

Full-time enrollment at the University of Wisconsin Law School requires a minimum of 12 credits per semester. If you enroll in fewer than 12 credits, you may not be eligible to receive your award in that semester or your award may be pro-rated. Visiting students or students not enrolled at the Law School during a given semester are not eligible to receive their scholarships.

Most scholarships at the Law School require that the recipient maintain a 2.0 GPA; however, there are a few awards with a different GPA requirement. Please refer to your scholarship letter for the GPA requirement for your award. Your GPA will be reviewed at the end of each academic year, regardless of your credit load, and if you fall below the required threshold, you will be notified, and your scholarship may be revoked.

To remain in good professional standing, you must maintain responsible and ethical conduct in accordance with University and Law School policies. If you do not abide by University or Law School policies, including for example engaging in academic or nonacademic misconduct, your scholarship may be revoked.

Except in unusual circumstances, the Law School will award scholarship aid only up to a student’s total cost of attendance. When reviewing your scholarship eligibility, we will consider other scholarship aid you are receiving, in addition to other fellowships and assistantships. If you receive any other scholarships, fellowships or assistantships from the university, you must notify the Law School Admissions and Financial Aid Office.

In general, law school scholarships are disbursed in the fall and spring semesters only. A disbursement schedule for your particular scholarship award will be included in your scholarship award letter. If you have any questions about the disbursement schedule for your award, please contact the Law School Admissions and Financial Aid Office.

Depending on the amount and type of your scholarship, there may be tax implications to your award. Please refer to the IRS website or your tax professional for further information.

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