Financial Wellness

Financial Wellness Workshops 2016-2017

Take control of your financial future (and eat pizza)!

Drop-in Financial Aid Advising

August 29th-September 9th, Rm 4314

Have a financial aid or budgeting question? Drop in to the Admissions and Financial Aid Office as the new school year kicks off, and get the year off to a successful start!

Access Group Financial Education Survey

November 11th-23rd

This year, the Admissions and Financial Aid Office is participating in a financial education pilot program with Access Group, a nonprofit organization. Through this pilot, Access Group is working to develop a financial education curriculum for law students, which will be provided free of charge. As part of the pilot, our students will be given the opportunity to complete a financial education survey and be entered into a scholarship raffle! Further information will be emailed out to student listservs in early November.

Borrowing Wisely

December 6th, noon to 1pm, Rm 5240

Presented by: Access Group

When deciding how much to borrow for law, graduate or professional school, it is important for students to understand this key principle: the less you borrow now, the less you repay later. In order to limit your borrowing, you need to know the difference between what you are eligible to borrow versus what you actually may NEED to borrow. This presentation will help guide you through the process of determining the amount you need to borrow to finance your education. Access Group will lead a discussion on costs of attendance and what that means, and will walk students through the steps to planning an in-school budget, to reduce expenses and ultimately limit borrowing.

Investing 101

February 23rd, noon to 1pm, Rm 5246

Presented by: UW Credit Union

Thought about investing, but don’t know where to begin? The Investment Services division at UW Credit Union will present on the basic principles of investing, the different types of investments that fuel financial progress, and the benefits and risks associated with investing.

Federal Loan Repayment and Public Service Loan Forgiveness

April 6th-7th, noon to 1pm, Rm 5246

Presented by: Jeff Hanson

Dr. Jeff Hanson is a nationally-recognized economist who specializes in working with student loan borrowers to explore all options available for repayment, including the possibility of having federal student loan debt forgiven via your employment in a qualifying public service profession and/or income-driven repayment. These workshops will cover loan repayment options and Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF). Dr. Hanson will also provide one-on-one appointments for third-year students to create their loan repayment action plan.

Comprehensive Financial Planning for the Young Lawyer

April 17th, noon to 1pm, Rm 5246

Presented by: North Star Resource Group

Everyone needs a financial plan. Create yours today! Our expert presenter is a financial planner from North Star Resource Group, a nationwide financial planning firm with a division specializing in counseling lawyers. This workshop will cover general guidelines for financial planning, with a special focus on the decisions faced by young lawyers, including private versus federal loan refinancing, insurance recommendations, and retirement planning basics.

Individual Financial Counseling Appointments for 3Ls

April 18th-19th, Room TBD

Offered by: North Star Resource Group

Two financial advisors from North Star Resource Group, a nationwide financial planning firm with a division specializing in counseling lawyers, will offer one-on-one financial planning appointments for third-year students. These appointments will be a complementary, no-obligation consultation to answer any financial questions you may have as you enter the workforce. Topics may include student loan repayment strategies, emergency savings, investing, insurance needs, home and car purchasing, and tax strategies.

**Questions? Contact the Admissions and Financial Aid Office or Office of Career and Professional Development.


Thrifty Budget: Students whose personal circumstances allow them to cut expenses from the Standard Student Expense Budget should consider following the "Thrifty Budget". This budget assumes that you share a one-bedroom apartment with a roommate or spouse.

Access Assist: Access Assist provides on-demand one-to-one student loan repayment and financial aid information to graduate and professional students, and recent grads. Whether by phone, e-mail, or live chat feature, borrowers seeking guidance on financing their education, managing student loan repayment, understanding the complexities of repayment plans, or other student loan questions have the ability to get answers from expert Access Assist Service Representatives – personal, confidential and 100% free.

Events in Madison: Recommendations from the UW Law School community for fun and free activities in Madison.

Equal Justice Works: Equal Justice Works seeks to create a just society by mobilizing the next generation of lawyers committed to equal justice. They offer a number of resources on student debt, including free webinars and a student debt Ebook. Learn more here.

UWell Wisconsin: UWell is a comprehensive new wellness initiative at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, aiming to advance the health and well being of the entire community by tapping resources already available but sometimes not widely used. UWell's Financial Wellness page provides links to a number of local and national resources.

Graduate School Financial Resources

UW Extension Financial Education Center

Center for Financial Security: The Center for Financial Security is an applied, multidisciplinary research center that seeks to inform practitioners, policymakers, and the general public on strategies for building financial capability and security over the life course. Their website provides a list of events and financial tools.

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