South Asia Legal Studies Working Group

Affiliated with the Global Legal Studies Center and Center for South Asia

In recent years, several scholars with interests and expertise on various aspects of law in South Asia have joined UW-Madison. They join long-time UW-Madison Professor Marc Galanter whose extensive work on law in South Asia has been extremely influential in both American scholarship and in South Asia.

In 2006, an informal working group was established to coordinate and promote events pertaining to South Asian legal studies and to facilitate intellectual exchange between faculty and students at the University with shared interests in the field. The disciplinary interests of the working group include political science, history, religious studies, and, within law itself, environmental law, human rights, Islamic law, constitutional law, discrimination, women’s studies, and legal profession. More complete descriptions of faculty interests are given on the respective websites for individual faculty listed below. Students or faculty interested in joining the occasional discussions of the working group are encouraged to contact any of the faculty listed below.

Scholars and Graduate Students affiliated with the Working Group

Atapattu, Sumudu – UW Law School
Farid, Cynthia - UW Law School
Galanter, Marc – John and Rylla Bosshard Professor of Law and South Asian Studies, UW-Madison
Gupta, Arpita - UW Law School
James Jaffe - UW-Whitewater (retired)
Lhost, Elizabeth - UW-Madison
Rao, Sunil - UW Law School
Sharafi, Mitra – UW Law School, Legal Studies & Department of History, UW-Madison
Sidel, Mark - UW Law School and La Follette School of Public Affairs


We are pleased to announce the Marc Galanter Digital Archives on Bhopal which will be launched formally on October 19, 2016 followed by an academic panel on Law and Accidents in South Asia. Check our events page for details

Don Davis' Cooperative Annotated Bibliography of Hindu Law and Dharmasastra

Marc Galanter's Documents on South Asian Law

Marc Galanter, Introduction to the Civilization of India: Legal Materials for the Study of Modern India

Mitra Sharafi's South Asian Legal History Resources


The group has initiated several activities including a workshop on South Asia Legal Studies which is organized to coincide with the annual South Asia Conference:

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