Course category: Criminal Law

726 Intro to Substantive Criminal Law

Course #InstructorTimesLocation
726-001Dickey, WalterMTWRF 1100-11555240
726-002Schultz, DavidMTWRF 1100-11555246
726-003Klingele, CeceliaMTWRF 1100-11555223
726-004Kempinen, BenMW 435-6355223
726-005Prosser, MaryTR 225-4255223
726-006Ross, MeredithMW 225-4255223

760 Role of Police in a Free Society

Course #InstructorTimesLocation
760-001Scott, MichaelMW 120-2403261~

801 Evidence

Course #InstructorTimesLocation
801-001Findley, KeithMW 1100-1003250
801-002Hurley, StephenTR 540-7402260

854 Clinical Program: WI Department of Justice Externship

860 Adv Crim Pro: Rep Criminal Appellant

Course #InstructorTimesLocation
860-001Pray, JohnR 930-10503226~

862 Legal Assist to Institutionalized Persons

Course #InstructorTimesLocation
862-001Prosser, Mary

904 SP Con Law: 4th, 5th, 6th Amendments

Course #InstructorTimesLocation
904-001Berghahn, MarcusTR 540-7003247
904-002Klingele, CeceliaTR 225-4003226

915 SP Crim. J. Admin.: Sentencing & Corrections

Course #InstructorTimesLocation
915-001Klingele, Cecelia
915-002Findley, KeithLichstein, ByronMW 330-4502260
915-003Stevenson, AdamMW 1205-1003268(M) 3261(W)~

940 L&CP: Domestic Violence

Course #InstructorTimesLocation
940-003Meuer, TeresaYoung, MorganM 540-8303253
940-006Kempinen, BenT 1205-2052211
940-012LaVigne, MicheleMW 1100-1002225