Admitted Students

Welcome to the University of Wisconsin Law School. We know that you have many choices for law school, and that your decision may be a difficult one, but we are confident that you will find Wisconsin an exceptional place to study law.

We believe that we are putting together a class for next fall that will be one of the most interesting, diverse, and academically vibrant ones in the country, and we hope that you will be a part of it. As you prepare for your transition to Madison and to the Law School, here is some information that we hope will help you.  Throughout this site, you will read reflections from our current students, learn about our unique academic experience, student life, and Madison. For more information, connect with our students and prospective student staff.

You can also come learn more about being a law student at the University of Wisconsin Law School in person - we welcome you to visit us.

Reflections from current students

Adrian Perez

Global, connected community

"UW Law School's dedication to helping students succeed made for a seamless transition when I moved from Texas to Madison. The environment at the Law School cultivates an atmosphere of learning and friendship through a variety of extracurriculars. But the best part about being here is witnessing how law has shaped and affected my classmates from around the world."

Chelsey Metcalf

Real-world knowledge

"My most rewarding law school experience was taking Civil Procedure I with David Schwartz. He threw briefs, interrogatories, depositions, motions and oral arguments at us like we were already practicing attorneys. This was stress-inducing at first, but as the semester went on, we all realized how valuable his class was. His hands-on teaching approach solidified real-world litigation concepts that I doubt any of us will forget."

Joseph Calavenna

Supportive academic environment

"A lot of law schools claim to have supportive educational environments but UW Law actually delivers. I have yet to meet a fellow student who was not willing to help and the professors are always willing to answer questions or give advice."

Stephanie Scharff

Location, location, location

"Being located in Wisconsin's capital affords students the opportunity to work for many different government agencies, judges and public interest groups. There's something for everyone and the professors and faculty are excellent in helping you find a placement in the field in which you are most interested."

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