Information for Transfer & Visiting Students

Thank you for your interest in the University of Wisconsin Law School. The Fall 2018 transfer/visiting application will be available in early 2018. Please contact the Admissions Office at (608) 262-5914 or if you have any questions. To view a list of items necessary to complete the Transfer or Visiting application, please view this checklist.

Transfer Students

To apply as a transfer student, you must have attended an ABA-approved school and must be academically eligible to continue as a regular full-time student in the school you last attended. Generally, you will have needed to complete the equivalent of the first-year curriculum, and no more than 45 credits, to receive a degree from the University of Wisconsin Law School.

The Law School Admissions Committee takes a holistic approach to the review of transfer applications. Applicants are generally accepted when they are able to demonstrate strong academic performance in their first-year curriculum, depending on the quality of the law school from which they are applying. The Law School will accept applications based upon fall semester grades, but an offer of admission will be conditioned upon continued and consistent academic performance during the spring semester at the applicant's original law school. Applications are only accepted for the fall semester.

Credit Transfer Policy

Upon a transfer student's matriculation as a University of Wisconsin Law School student, the UW Law School will transfer to the student's UW Law record those credits associated with each law course completed at the student's original law school, under the following conditions:  the original law school is an ABA-approved law school, and the grade earned in the law course, if graded, is at least a C (or equivalent) or better. 

Prospective transfer students should also note that, in order to earn the J.D. degree from the University of Wisconsin Law School, a minimum of 50 credits of the 90 credits needed for the degree must be earned as a University of Wisconsin Law School student. 

Visiting Students

To apply to be a visiting student, you must be in your final year or final semester of law study and have permission to attend another law school. It is your responsibility to make certain that credits will transfer back to your home institution. You should also ensure that our academic calendar will work with your law school's calendar with regard to the start and end dates for academic terms.  Applications are only accepted for the fall semester. 

It is important to note that the University of Wisconsin will not generate financial aid awards for visiting students. If a visiting student is in need of financial aid, these arrangements must be made with the home law school.

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