Meet our Faculty

Our faculty are leading scholars, but they are also actively involved in the law. They advise on stem cell issues, represent clients on death row, work with congressional staffers to draft legislation, and work with the European Union on monetary policy. Our faculty members teach at all levels in the curriculum and work with students to provide a strong foundation in law and legal reasoning.

Professor Pilar Ossorio teaching

Scholarship & Research

Our faculty share a commitment to excellence in research, embracing a wide variety of substantive concerns and methodological approaches.

Professor Heinz Klug teaching

Faculty in the media

Experts from UW Law's faculty and staff have agreed to comment on breaking news, ongoing developments and trends in their areas of expertise. To arrange an interview with a UW Law expert, contact

Professor Miriam Seifter teaching

The Wisconsin Approach

The law-in-action tradition, with its emphasis on how laws and policies affect real people, has deep roots in Wisconsin. Our faculty are known for integrating law-in-action into their scholarship and their teaching.

U.S. and Wisconsin flag in front of the Wisconsin Capitol

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