UW Law Alumni

Dean Raymond

Dear Wisconsin Graduate,

As dean of this remarkable law school, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting our graduates at formal events and casual events, in the state of Wisconsin and throughout the country. 

What I have learned from our alumni is that, despite the broad diversity of what you all do and where you all do it, you share a profound connection to the Law School and to the teachers, friends and colleagues you met here. That connection expresses itself differently over the life cycle of your careers. It is my hope that the Law School can offer you the support, encouragement and resources you need to launch your careers, and that, in turn, you will support the Law School as we endeavor to do the same for the next generation of students we educate and lawyers we mentor. Your involvement with the Law School will change as you develop as a professional. As a recent graduate, we will provide the help, encouragement and attention you need to situate yourselves professionally. Then the transformation begins. As you become established as a junior lawyer, you can begin to share your experiences and skills with our students through participation in a wide range of alumni activities. Want to mentor a law student? Judge a moot court? Visit with students about your practice area over lunch? Help our students learn how to network or build a small practice? Answer calls from students interested in relocating to your area and learning about practice opportunities there? We welcome your involvement and engagement with our students, and encourage you to become part of the network of Wisconsin law alumni. Help mentor and advise others as others mentored and advised you. As you develop more experience and sophistication in your careers, we will work to sustain and broaden your relationship with the Law School.

Ultimately, of course, we hope that you will support us in the process of educating the next generation of University of Wisconsin law students. We will work tirelessly to sustain the hallmarks of the University of Wisconsin’s law training: rigorous analytical education, with a significant focus on how the theories and doctrines of law express themselves in the real world; an extraordinary range of opportunities for experiential learning; our continued commitment to a diverse community in which to learn; and a student-centered focus on preparing our graduates for the real world of law practice. Adapting those traditions to the demands of the current marketplace means growth and change at the law school as well.

We promise that we will continue to do our best to keep you informed. Please make sure to check out our website, which offers up-to-date news about the law school. I will continue to work hard to make sure that the Law School’s achievements are more visible in the legal community. In turn, I hope you will keep us apprised of what’s happening with you. My travels to meet alumni will continue throughout the year. I look forward to meeting you at one of our events! In the long run, I hope that we at the Law School can be part of your transformation, and that you, in turn, can be part of ours.

With warm best wishes,
Margaret Raymond

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