The University of Wisconsin Law School offers a number of services to provide students the best possible learning environment. 

Academic Affairs

The Office of Academic Affairs handles course schedules, exams, grades, transcripts, Diploma Privilege eligibility and JD degree requirements issues.

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Academic Enhancement Program

The Academic Enhancement Program promotes academic excellence through enhancement and supportive services for students at all levels of academic performance.

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Career Services

The Office of Career and Professional Development (OCPD) provides counseling, materials, resources and programs to help students and alumni in their employment searches during the summer, school year and after graduation.

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Financial Aid

The Law School Admissions & Financial Aid Office assists incoming and current students with understanding all aspects of financial aid, including federal loans, short-term emergency loans and scholarship opportunities.

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Student Life

Emily Kite, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, provides students and student organizations with general, personal, social, professional, and cultural support, serves as the Law School disability coordinator, and handles exam and classroom accommodations.

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Study Abroad Advising

Students at the University of Wisconsin Law School may earn up to 30 credits toward a University of Wisconsin Law School J.D. by studying law abroad.

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