932 Sel Prob Admin Law: Wisconsin Administrative Law - §001, Fall 2012


Instructor(s) Levine, Steven

State Administrative Law is a two credit seminar course which will concentrate, not surprisingly, on Wisconsin administrative law. While there are similarities between state and federal administrative law, most of you who end up practicing administrative law will probably do so at the state level. So, this course will concentrate of Wisconsin administrative law, although law from other states and federal law may creep into the discussion for comparison. The course can be divided roughly into three sections: administrative agency rulemaking, administrative hearings, and judicial review. There are no texts. What you will need for the course is a copy of chapter 227 of the Wisconsin statutes, which will be handed out at the first class. Other handouts may be distributed during the semester. In order to save trees and paper, cases will be discussed via your laptop and the online research services. The first hour of each class will consist of lecture and a class discussion of the various statutes and topics on the syllabus. The second hour will consist of a discussion of the related cases listed for each week, with students assigned to lead the discussion of specific cases. Each class will be very informal and based on discussion, questions, and debate rather than formal lecture. The main purpose of each class will be to have fun and enjoy the law. There will be a short take-home quiz at the end of each of the three sections of the course, as well as a final exam. Each will count for 20 percent of your grade. Class participation (and, of course, preparation) is greatly encouraged and will count for the other 20 percent. As mentioned above, learning to appreciate and enjoy this area of law, in which you may end up practicing, is the main purpose of the course.

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