935 Health Law and Administration - §001, Fall 2008

Categories: Health Law Administrative and Regulatory Law Economic Regulation

Instructor(s) Hutton, Rebecca, Zabawa, Barbara

Law 935: Health Law and Administration (3 credits). This course provides an
opportunity to learn health law in the context of analyzing and proposing
approaches to contemporary social and legal problems. The format places the
students in the midst of health issues that are confronting lawyers
representing consumers, patients, employees, physicians, and government
agencies both in the Unites States and throughout the world. Case problems will
be an integral part of the course. A case problem is a situation-oriented
problem solving exercise. Each student will be expected to choose a case
problem and present an approach to solving the problem to the class. Each case
problem is based upon the materials assigned for the course, and solutions will
vary with the attitudes and interests of the student. A twenty-page research
paper is also an integral aspect of this course. Students will be expected to explore
a relevant topic area related to the class. Students are encouraged to choose a
topic that reflects their interests and career aspirations. All students are
expected to actively participate in class discussions, present a case problem
and write a research paper. The course satisfies Upper-level writing
requirement.  The textbook for this course is Furrow et al The Law of Health Care
Organization and Finance
. It can be purchased in the law school bookstore.
There is also a packet of supplemental course materials, which will also be
available at the bookstore.

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