939 SP Family Law: Interdisciplinary Family Law Practice - §002, Spring 2010

Categories: Family Law

Instructor(s) Mertz, Elizabeth

This class is part of ongoing innovative curriculum development bringing together clinical, doctrinal, and interdisciplinary teaching in Family Law. In its pilot year, the class was taught as a standard seminar (see Fall 2008, "Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Family Law"). In Spring 2010, the course was taught under the title of "Interdisciplinary Family Law Practice," and took the form of a combined seminar and clinical class. Students performed hands-on research in community settings within Madison. Student projects for this class involved original research on practical problems for which the students developed proposed solutions.

The class met with attorneys, psychologists, and other professionals who regularly dealt with families and individual clients in court cases.  Practitioners from the Madison area worked with students to help them gain skills in dealing with interdisciplinary practice situations.  One class session was held at the Family Court Counseling Services. In consultation with Professors Mansfield and Mertz, some students received clinical credit for their work in this class. The course will continue to offer a combination of clinical, doctrinal, and interdisciplinary training in a new format.

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