839 Remedies, Fall 2015

Categories: Civil Litigation and Dispute Resolution Business, Corporate, Commercial Law

Section 001, Remedies - Mitchell, Thomas

Course Page for Fall 2015 - Mitchell, Thomas

The course will survey the laws governing damages, injunctions, and both the substantive and remedial law of restitution. We touch on such topics as: recovery of compensatory damages in contract and tort cases (both personal injury cases, and disputes concerning injury to personal or real property); punitive damages; pre-judgment interest; attorney's fees; the right to jury trial; the standards for obtaining preliminary, as well as final, injunctive relief; modification of injunctions; relief in civil rights cases; the features of the constructive trust and its cousin the equitable lien; other restitutionary devices; and more. The course should be seen as a survey. Some of the material covered will be review (for many) of concepts encountered in contracts, torts, property, real estate, federal courts, and procedure. Some believe the course should be required.

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