852 Trial Advocacy: Litigation Skills and More, Fall 2017

Categories: Civil Litigation and Dispute Resolution Appellate Practice

Section 001, Trial Advocacy: Litigation Skills and More - Habush, Robert

Course Page for Fall 2017 - Habush, Robert

Attorney Robert L. Habush

Topics to be covered: Introduction to course; Preparation for Trial; Jury Selection; Opening Statements; Direct Examination; Cross Examination; Final Argument. The course involves demonstrations and two mock trials.


On completion of this Trial Advocacy course, students will:

• Have learned how to solve issues presented in various litigation scenarios;
• Have learned how to be able to think on their feet;
• Have been made aware of the realities of practicing law in today’s environment

Grades will be determined by:

A) Attendance 20%
B) Participation 60%
C) Performance 20%

There will not be a written final exam

Section 003, Trial Advocacy (Mock Trial) - Peterson, Kim

Course Page for Fall 2017 - Peterson, Kim

This course focuses on preparing a student to prepare and try a case, particularly a jury trial. Through the use of case files and assigned problems, students will do voir dire of juries, direct and cross-examination of witnesses, opening and closing statements. Students will also prepare and conduct a mock jury trial.

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